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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01A new formulation for unsteady heat transfer of oscillatory flow in a circular tube.이대영; 강병하; 박상진, et al
2010-09Cellular uptake pathway and drug release characteristics of drug-encapsulated glycol chitosan nanoparticles in live cells박상진; 이소진; 정현진, et al
2010-11Chitosan nanoparticles show rapid extrapulmonary tissue distribution and excretion with mild pulmonary inflammation to mice최미나; 조민정; 한범석, et al
2014-04Effects of electrolyte composition on Al oxide layer coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation이유리; 박상진; 송용원, et al
2002-08Electromechanical characteristics of a squirrel cage induction motor due to broken rotor bars and rotor eccentricity박상진; 장정환; 장건희, et al
1996-01Experimental investigation on the heat transfer characteristics of an oscillatory pipe flow.박상진; 이대영; 노승탁
2000-06Fault diagnosis of rotor bars in a squirrel cage induction motor monitoring electromechanical parameters장건희; 박상진; J. H. Chang, et al
1995-01Heat transfer by oscillating flow in a circular pipe with a sinusoidal wall temperature distribution이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1998-06Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1997-01Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
2010-10New top coating system of chemically anchored phospholipid monolayer on the drug-encapsulated polymer film for drug-eluting stent김광명; 박상진; 변영로, et al
2010-07One step detection of matrix metalloproteinase activity using a fluorogenic peptide probe-immobilized diagnostic kit류주희; 이애주; 이슬기, et al
2010-11pH-Sensitive nanoflash for tumoral acidic pH imaging in live animals고진영; 박상진; 이혜정, et al
2012-09SSVEP and ERP measurement of cognitive fatigue caused by stereoscopic 3D문성철; 박민철; 박상진, et al
2010-04Tumor targeting chitosan nanoparticles for dual-modality optical/MR cancer imaging남태환; 박상진; 이승영, et al
2010-10Tumor targeting efficiency of bare nanoparticles does not mean the efficacy of loaded anticancer drugs: Importance of radionuclide imaging for optimization of highly selective tumor targeting polymeric nanoparticles with or without drug이범석; 박경순; 박상진, et al
2010-06Tumor-homing glycol chitosan/polyethyleneimine nanoparticles for the systemic delivery of siRNA in tumor-bearing mice허명숙; 이승영; 박상진, et al
2010-06Tumoral acidic pH-responsive MPEG-poly(β-amino ester) polymeric micelles for cancer targeting therapy민경현; 김종호; 배상문, et al
1996-01Unsteady heat transfer of an oscillatory flow in a circular tube.이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1991-01무한 평판 사이의 맥동유동에서의 열전달 특성해석 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1993-01벽면의 축방향 온도구배가 일정하지 않은 원판내의 왕복유동에 의한 열전달 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1993-01벽온도분포가 정현파인 원관에서 왕복유동에 의한 열전달 해석 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1994-01원관내 충류왕복유동에 의한 열적발달영역에서의 열전달 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1994-01원관내 충류왕복유동에 의한 열전달 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1993-01파이프내 왕복유동에 의한 열적발달영역에서의 열전달 .이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
2012-10-18플랙서블 패턴 형성 방법문명운; 박상진; 한준현