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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-09A highly efficient 3D micromixer using soft PDMS bonding차정훈; 김진석; 류석규, et al
2006-07A Paddling Based Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes박석호; 박현준; 박성진, et al
2007-03A three-dimensional model of fluid-structural interactions for quantifying the contractile force for cardiomyocytes on hybrid biopolymer microcantilever박정렬; 류석규; 김진석, et al
2005-08An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for김병규; 박석호; 지창열, et al
2006-01An Earthworm-Like Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes using PZT actuator지창열; 박석호; 윤석진, et al
2005-04Bio-Material Property Measurement System for Locomotive Mechanism in Gastro-Intestinal Tract권지운; 박석호; 김병규, et al
2007-01Cell Migration Driven by a Mechanical Stiffness Gradient홍주희; 김진석; 백정은, et al
2005-09Comparative Quantification of Contractile Force of Cardiac Muscle Using a Micro-mechanical Cell Force Measurement System류석창; 김병규; 김덕호, et al
2005-08Contractile Force Measurements of Cardiac Myocytes Using a Micro-manipulation System박석호; 류석창; 김덕호, et al
2006-05Contractile force measurements of cardiac myocytes using a micro-manipulation system박석호; Ryu S; Ryu S, et al
2008-09Controllable movement of the azobenzene linked crown ether conjugated liposome김진석; 서은석; 김수현, et al
2004-10Design and Fabrication of a Bio-Material Property Measurement System권지운; 박석호; 이문구, et al
2007-12Enhanced tribological properties of lotus leaf-like surfaces fabricated by capillary force lithography아르빈드싱; 윤의성; 김홍준, et al
2007-10Establishment of a fabrication method for a long-term actuated hybrid cell robot김진석; 박정렬; 양성욱, et al
2006-07Fabrication of 3D thin PDMS structures for hybrid biopolymer transducers김진석; 박정렬; 노덕문, et al
2006-01Fabrication of 3D thin polymer structures for hybrid sensors and actuatorsJungyul Park; 김진석; 노덕문, et al
2006-06Fabrication of complex 3D micro-fluidic channel using soft PDMS bonding차정훈; 김진석; 박세완, et al
2006-08Fabrication of complex 3D polymer structures for cell-polymer hybrid systems박정렬; 김진석; 노덕문, et al
2006-10Fabrication of patterned micromuscles with high activity for powering biohybrid microdevices김덕호; 박정렬; Kahp Y. Suh, et al
2008-11Locomotive Microrobot for Capsule Endoscopes양성욱; 박기태; 이승석, et al
2009-03Locomotive Microrobot for Capsule Endoscopes양성욱; 박기태; 이승석, et al
2007-09Micro pumping with cardiomyocyte-polymer hybrid박정렬; 김일책; 백정은, et al
2005-10Miniature PZT actuated microdrive for chronic neural recording in small animals박상규; 박현준; 박석호, et al
2006-02Modeling and Experimental Validation of Earthworm-like Robot권지운; 박석호; 김병규
2007-04Paddling based Microrobot for Capsule Endoscopes박현준; 박성진; 윤의성, et al
2004-11Pressure Monitoring System in Gastro-Intestinal Track김용인; 박석호; 김병규, et al
2005-04Pressure Monitoring System in Gastro-Intestinal Tract김용인; 이근호; 박석호, et al
2008-08Quantitative evaluation of cardiomyocyte contractility in a 3D microenvironment김진석; 박정열; 나경환, et al
2006-08Realistic computational modeling for hybrid biopolymer microcantilevers김진석; 박정렬; 류석규, et al