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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08A Comprehensive Analysis of Symmetric Arginine Dimethylation in Colorectal Cancer Tissues Using Immunoaffinity Enrichment and Mass Spectrometry이지은; 박예은; 임용철, et al
2021-04A serotonin voltammetric biosensor composed of carbon nanocomposites and DNA aptamer이지은; Jingjing Li; Yunpei Si, et al
2020-04A Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor in Conjunction with a DNA Aptamer-Antibody Bioreceptor Pair for Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein A1 Concentrations in Colorectal Cancer Plasma Solutions이지은; 박예은; 이상혁, et al
2018-03Circulating MicroRNA Expression Levels Associated With Internet Gaming Disorder이지은; 박예은; 천동희, et al
2019-10Common Repository of FBS Proteins (cRFP) To Be Added to a Search Database for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Cell Secretome이철주; 이지은; 안영희, et al
2018-12Effect of paclitaxel content in the DHP107 oral formulation on oral bioavailability and antitumor activity정혜선; 장유라; 고민경, et al
2018-01Identification of plasma membrane glycoproteins specific to human glioblastoma multiforme cells using lectin arrays and LC-MS/MS이철주; 한기철; 이지은, et al
2020-05Nanocomposites of poly(l-methionine), carbon nanotube-graphene complexes and Au nanoparticles on screen printed carbon electrodes for electrochemical analyses of dopamine and uric acid in human urine solutions이지은; 박예은; Yunpei Si, et al
2020-03Novel Associations between Related Proteins and Cellular Effects of High-Density Lipoprotein이철주; 이지은; 박예은, et al
2017-11Processing of syndecan-2 by matrix metalloproteinase-14 and effect of its cleavage on VEGF-induced tube formation of HUVECs이지은; 박예은; 천동희, et al
2020-09Proteomic analysis of human lung fibroblast cells exposed to diesel particulate matter using Tribrid mass spectrometer박현미; 이지은; 지미정, et al
2019-01Reversion of in vivo fibrogenesis by novel chromone scaffolds이지은; 박예은; 김한수, et al
2016-08The vest-collar as a rodent collar to prevent licking and scratching during experiments정혜선; 장유라; 박예은, et al
2019-11Voltammetric layer-by-layer biosensor featuring purine nucleoside phosphorylase and chitosan for inosine in human serum solutions이지은; 박예은; Yunpei Si, et al