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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-04Characteristics of removal of ions in nickel plating rinse water using low pressure nanofiltration송경근; 안규홍; 차호영, et al
2016-04Cu 이온 조사에 따른 CoCrFeNi/Cu 하이엔트로피 합금의 상안정성장혜정; 김준곤; 임종욱, et al
2015-11Cu 이온빔 조사에 따른 CoCrCuFeNi 하이엔트로피 합금의 표면 손상 연구임종욱; 김진연; 김준곤, et al
2014-11E-beam induced crystallization behavior at amorphous LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface김진연; 문선영; 백승협, et al
2014-09E-beam induced epitaxial growth at amorphous LAO/STO interface김진연; 문선영; 백승협, et al
2015-02Evaluation of Phase Stability under High Pressure Torsion in High Entropy Alloys오현석; 김진연; 김일환, et al
2014-10High pressure torsion 공정을 통한 하이엔트로피 합금의 미세구조 제어오현석; 김진연; 장혜정, et al
2015-03High Pressure Torsion-Induced Structural Changes in AlxCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys오현석; 김진연; 장혜정, et al
2013-10In-situ 압축 시험을 통한 비정질 합금 나노 입자의 기계적 특성 분석김진우; 장혜정; 박은수
2015-10Irradiation induced defects in FCC high entropy composite alloy김진연; 임종욱; 유승조, et al
2015-03Microstructural Evolution of Cu/CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy Composite under Electron Irradiation김진연; 오현석; 유승조, et al
2015-03Microstructural evolution of Cu/CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy composite under electron irradiation김진연; 오현석; 유승조, et al
2011-04Microstructure analysis of metallic glasses장혜정; 박은수; 김원태, et al
2014-11Microstructure evaluation of BCC-type high entropy alloy by EXAFS experiment오현석; 김진연; 박은수
2015-10Microstructure evolution of CoCrFeNiCu high entropy alloy composite upon annealing and micro-scale mechanical properties김진연; 김진우; 박은수, et al
2015-11Microstructure evolution of CoCrFeNiCu high entropy composite alloy김진연; 박은수; 장혜정
2014-10Microstructure evolution of Cu/CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy upon annealing and electron irradiation김진연; 유승조; 원종한, et al
2012-08Microstructure of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses장혜정; 박은수; 김도향
2013-06Nano-scale Shell in Phase Separating Gd-Ti-Al-Co Metallic Glass장혜정; 박은수; 김도향
2013-10Novel metastable beta-Ti alloys alloyed with eutectoid stabilizers류욱하; 오현석; 장혜정, et al
2008-02Poisson's ratio and fragility of bulk metallic glasses나종현; 박은수; 김유찬, et al
2018-04Radiation-induced continuous dynamic recrystallization in CrFeCoNiCu high-entropy alloy장혜정; 김준곤; 임종욱, et al
2015-04RDF를 이용한 희토류계 하이엔트로피 비정질 합금의 원자 구조 분서김진연; 장혜정; 박은수
1998-01Removal of ions in nickel electroplating rinse water using low pressure nanofiltration안규홍; 송경근; 차호영, et al
2015-10Response of high entropy alloy under extreme environments오현석; 김진연; 박은수, et al
2013-10Strategy of high-toughness optimization in bulk metallic glass composite by tailoring mechanical properties of secondary phase류욱하; 오현석; 장혜정, et al
2013-04Super Elastic Behavior of High Strength Titanium Alloy with Metastable Beta Phase류욱하; 오현석; 장혜정, et al
2015-03Superelastic Bulk Metallic Glass Composites류욱하; 오현석; 장혜정, et al
2011-04Synthesis of metallic glass composites using phase separation phenomenon장혜정; 육완; 박은수, et al
2013-08Work-Hardenable” Ductile Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites류욱하; 장혜정; 박은수