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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-05Analysis of neuropeptides in human plasma upon surgical treatment of thyroid cancers using capillary electrophoresis반은미; 정웅윤; 박정수, et al
1998-10Copper(II) and silver(I) heterometallic comlpexes of bis(alkylthio)methylidenemalonate ligands and their magnetic properties김관묵; s 박영준; 서동준, et al
1979-01Effects of vibramycin precon PT-122M in surgical fields박찬웅; 임정규; 신상구, et al
2006-08Enhancement of barrier properties using ultrathin hybrid passivation layer for organic light emitting diodes배성진; 이주원; 박정수, et al
2005-11Enhancement of Efficiency for White-Organic Light-Emitting Diode with a Thin Electron-Blocking Layer박정수; 이주원; 김영민, et al
2003-01Estrogens in female thyroid cancer: alteration of urinary profiles in pre- and post-operative cases.이선화; 김경미; 정병화, et al
1998-11Heterometallic multinuclear complexes of bis(alkylthio)methylidenemaolonate or maleonitriethiolate ligandss 박영준; 박정수; 김영미, et al
2006-08Improvement of the permeation properties with a thin hybrid - passivation layer to apply the Large-sized Organic Display Devices이주원; 배성진; 박정수, et al
2000-06Influence of buffer composition and sample pretreatment of efficiency separation for monitoring neuropeptides in plasma using capillary electrophoresis반은미; 최원균; 정웅윤, et al
2001-07Influence of buffer composition and sample pretreatment on efficiency separation for monitoring neuropeptides in plasma using capillary electrophoresis반은미; 최원균; 정웅윤, et al
2006-11Microstructural Change and Martensitic Transformation in a Rapidly Solidified Cu-Al-Ni Based SMA Ribbons with Heat Treatment지광구; 박정수; 이영수, et al
2004-08Modification of Dielectric Surface in Organic Thin-Film Transistor with Organic Molecule김종무; 이주원; 김영민, et al
2003-09Synthesis and biocompatibility of thermosensitive poly(organophosphazene) gels이배훈; 박정수; 송수창
2006-09The influence of hole-blocking layer with Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK) on the performance of organic light-emitting diode이주원; 박정수; 진병두, et al
2003-05The non-templated empty cavity and its selective anion binding despite having similar shapes.김관묵; 김기현; Tae Yi Kang, et al
2012-08Torsion, Transverse Force, and Point sensor using Sagnac Interferometer with Highly-Birefringent Photonic Crystal Fiber박정수; 정지호; 이관일, et al
2008-02-25광 여기 발광시트 및 그의 제조방법김동영; 김재경; 나대석, et al
2010-10-28무기 박막 형성 방법 및 그를 위한 스퍼터링 시스템김재경; 나대석; 박정수, et al
2009-12-04보호막 구조 형성 방법김경곤; 김재경; 나대석, et al
2008-02-25산소와 수분 투과의 차단 및 가스 배리어 특성 향상을 위한유/무기 복합 박막 보호층 및 그의 제조방법김재경; 나대석; 박정수, et al
2000-01-29안티-DNA 자가항체에 특이적으로 결합하는 RNA분자김영미; 박정수; 유재훈, et al