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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-082,2'-[(E)-3-(4-Nitrophenyl)prop-2-ene-1,1-diyl]bis(3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylcyclohex-2-en-1-one)차주환; 조용서; 이재균, et al
2014-01A Monitoring System Architecture and Calculation of Practical Recycling Rate for End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling in Korea박정환; 이화조; 박면웅, et al
2012-12A study on Monitoring System Architecture for Calculation of Practical Recycling Rate of End of Life Vehicle박정환; 이화조; 박면웅, et al
2004-07Asymmetric Synthesis of Homoproline derivatives via Rh(I)-Catalyzed Hydrogenation using Chiral Bisphosphines as Ligands장용건; 박정환; 이상기
2007-10Caffeine prevents migration and invasion of glioblastoma by inhibiting IP3R3-mediated Ca2+ increase강상수; 한경석; 구보미, et al
2010-09Consolidation and mechanical properties of nanostructured MoSi2 from mechanically reacted powder by high-frequency induction-heated sintering고인용; 박정환; 윤진국, et al
2009-07Consolidation of nanostructured ZrSi2-Si3N4 synthesized from mechanically activated (4ZrN + 11Si) powders by high frequency induction heated combustion synthesis손인진; 박정환; 윤진국, et al
2015-07Crystal structure of (E )-5,5-dimethyl-2-[3-(4-nitrophenyl)allylidene] cyclohexane-1,3-dione이재균; 민선준; 조용서, et al
1999-09Development of an apparatus for inhalation anesthesia in small laboratory animals박정환; 이민재; 한진수
2008-10Development of selective blockers for Ca2+-activated Cl- channel using Xenopus laevis oocytes with an improved drug screening strategy오수진; 박정환; 한순규, et al
2013-08(E)-2,2'-[3-(4-Chlorophenyl)prop-2-ene-1,1-diyl]bis(3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylcyclohex-2-en-1-one)차주환; 이재균; 민선준, et al
2013-03(E)-2,2'-[3-(4-Fluorophenyl)prop-2-ene-1,1-diyl]bis(3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylcyclohex-2-en-1-one)차주환; 민선준; 조용서, et al
2011-06Effect of Fe2O3 on properties and densification of 8YSZ by pulsed current activated sintering손인진; 두송리; 고인용, et al
2001-09Lanthanide triflate-catalyzed three component synthesis of α -amino phosphonates in ionic liquids. A catalyst reactivity and reusability study이상기; 박정환; 이재균, et al
2007-02Lead discovery and optimization of t-type calcium channel blockers박정환; 최진규; 이은정, et al
2006-08Lead generation of T-type calcium channel blocker from structure based virtual screening박정환; 이은정; 최진규, et al
2008-04Mechanical Properties and Consolidation of Ultra-Fine WC-10Co and WC-10Fe Hard Materials by Rapid Sintering Process정인균; 박정환; 도정만, et al
2007-11Mechanical properties and synthesis of dense ZrSi2 by high-frequency induction heated combustion박정환; 고인용; 윤진국, et al
2003-02Metallic lewis acids-catalyzed acetylation of alcohols with acetic anhydride and acetic acid in ionic liquids: study on reactivity and reusability of the catalysts.이상기; 박정환
2015-06Modeling of Customized ELV Dismantling Plant for Different Countries이화조; 박정환; 박면웅, et al
2011-03New Bipolar Green Host Materials Containing Benzimidazole-Carbazole Moiety in Phosphorescent OLEDs박정환; 김은경; 이브라임, et al
2015-05New bipolar host materials for high performance of phosphorescent green organic light-emitting diodes김경헌; 람판디; 공지훈, et al
2007-05One step synthesis and densification of nanocrystalline TaSi2-Si3N4 composite by high-frequency induction heated combustion박현국; 손인진; 박정환, et al
2009-10One step synthesis and densification of nanocrystalline TaSi2-Si3N4 composite from mechanically activated powders by high-frequency induction-heated combustion박현국; 박정환; 윤진국, et al
2004-11Polarized Raman scattering of highly [111]-oriented Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 thin films in the rhombohedral-phase field이현정; 김민규; 박정환, et al
2007-07Properties and consolidation of nanocrystalline NbSi2-Si3N4 by pulsed current activated combustion박현국; 박정환; 윤진국, et al
2011-07Properties and consolidation of nanocrystalline WSi2-SiC composite from mechanically activated powders by pulsed current activated combustion synthesis손인진; 박정환; 고인용, et al
2009-02Properties and consolidation of nanostructured MoSi2 from mechanically reacted powders by rapid sintering손인진; 박정환; 우기도, et al
2010-04Properties and synthesis of dense nanostructured VSi2-SiC by high-frequency induction heated combustion고인용; 박정환; 윤진국, et al
2009-02Rapid synthesis and consolidation of nanostructured WSi2-SiC from mechanically activated powders by pulsed current activated heating손인진; 박정환; 우기도, et al