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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07Adriamycin conjugated glycol-chitosan nanoaggregates for tumor targeting drug delivery system using EPR effect손연주; 조용우; 정혜선, et al
2015-01Amphiphilized poly(ethyleneimine) nanoparticles: a versatile multi-cargo carrier with enhanced tumor-homing efficiency and biocompatibility박솔지; 정근수; 이은정, et al
2003-09Biodistribution and anti-tumor efficacy of doxorubicin loaded glycol-chitosan손연주; 장진성; 조용우, et al
2001-09Biodistribution of chitosan self-aggregates in tumor-bearing rats손연주; 조용우; 도경민, et al
2010-08Conjugated Polymer/Photochromic Dye Integrated Binary Nanoparticles: Stable and Reversible Fluorescence Photoswitching for Bioimaging정근수; 이용덕; 임창근, et al
2010-08Conjugated Polymer/Photochromic Dye Intergrated Binary Nanoparticles: Stable and Reversible Fluorescence Photoswitching for Bioimaging정근수; 이용덕; 임창근, et al
2013-10Conjugated Polymer/Photochromophore Binary Nanococktails: Bistable Photoswitching of Near-Infrared Fluorescence for In Vivo Imaging정근수; 박솔지; 이용덕, et al
2007-09Controlled assembly of carbon nanotubes encapsulated with amphiphilic block copolymer박지영; 이상화; 이정호, et al
1999-04Effect of molecular weight of deoxycholic acid-modified chitosans on the formation of self-aggregates김영효; 박종래; 이근용, et al
1996-01Effect of surface treatment on the morphology and mechanical behavior of torayca T300 carbon fiber.박종래; 임순호; 이준석
2008-05Effect of the Electrical Conductivity in EDLC Electrodes안영락; 조성무; 장성연, et al
2005-01Effects of sulfuric acid treatment on the microstructure and electrochemical performance of a polyacrylonitrile(PAN)-based carbon anode김영전; 이현정; 이상원, et al
2006-06Electrochemical capacitors based on electrodeposited ruthenium oxide on nanofibre substrates안영락; 송미연; 조성무, et al
2007-03Enhanced charge-discharge characteristics of RuO2 supercapacitors on heat-treated TiO2 nanorods안영락; 박종래; 조성무, et al
2014-12Enhanced thermoelectric properties of the flexible tellurium nanowire film hybridized with single-walled carbon nanotube최재유; 이장열; 이현정, et al
2015-11Enhanced thermopower in flexible tellurium nanowire films doped using single-walled carbon nanotubes with a rationally designed work function최재유; 이건실; 박종래, et al
2010-04Fabrication of Nanohydrogels via Hydrogen Bonding-mediated Physical Gelation of Synthetic Hydroxyl-rich Polyamides정근수; 김세훈; 박종래
2016-05High-performance thermoelectric paper based on double carrier-filtering processes at nanowire heterojunctions최재유; 이장열; 이상수, et al
2005-11Nanofibril formation of electrospun TiO2 fibers and its application to dye-sensitized solar cells조성무; 송미연; 안영락, et al
2013-07Nanophotosensitizers toward advanced photodynamic therapy of Cancer임창근; 허정윤; 신승훈, et al
2013-07Poly(oxyethylene sugaramide)s: unprecedented multihydroxyl building blocks for tumor-homing nanoassembly정근수; 이용덕; 박솔지, et al
1999-01Preparation and characterization of chitosan nanoaggregates as gene delivery system권익찬; 이근용; 정서영, et al
2006-04Preparation and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticles based on glycol chitosan bearing adriamycin박재형; 조용우; 손연주, et al
2015-11Remarkable conversion between n- and p-type reduced graphene oxide on varying the thermal annealing temperature뉴옌 카 투; 최재유; 박종래, et al
2008-05Role of Carbon Substrates in RuO2-Carbon Composite Electrode for Electrochemical Capacitor안영락; 조성무; 장성연, et al
2001-11Structural characteristics of size-controlled self-aggregates of deoxycholic acid-modified chitosan and their application as a DNA delivery carrier.김영효; 김세훈; 박종래, et al
1994-01Studies on the on-line dry-jet wet spinning of polyacrylonitrile (I) : design factors of polymerization to match desired spinnability.민병길; 김병철; 이철주, et al
2001-08Synthesis of adriamycin-conjugated glycol chitosan and in situ self-association손연주; 조용우; 이상천, et al
2010-04Synthesis of hydroxyl-rich polyamides and their hydrogen bonding-mediated physical hydrogelation정근수; 임창근; 김세훈, et al
2013-07Water-Soluble Fluorinated and PEGylated Cyanostilbene Derivative: An Amphiphilic Building Block Forming Self-Assembled Organic Nanorods with Enhanced Fluorescence Emission신승훈; Ghim, Se Hoon; 박종래, et al