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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11A 3-D co-culture system of peripheral motor neurons and Schwann cells demonstrates the myelination process in vitro형수진; 최나라; 박종철, et al
2016-02Characterization and preparation of bio-tubular scaffolds for fabricating artificial vascular grafts by combining electrospinning and a co-culture system김수현; 정영미; 이보람, et al
2015-10Coculture of Primary Motor Neurons and Schwann Cells as a Model for In Vitro Myelination형수진; 이보윤; 박종철, et al
1999-12Complement functional activity of PEG modified polyurethane films with different end groups이종은; 이동희; 서활, et al
2019-02Dedifferentiated Schwann cells secrete progranulin that enhances the survival and axon growth of motor neurons이철주; 서준교; 신지혜, et al
2011-06Direct-Current Treatment as a Safe Sterilization Method for Electrospun Biodegradable Polymer김혜리; 이정현; 이미희, et al
2020-04Efficient waste polyvinyl(butyral) and cellulose composite enabled carbon nanofibers for oxygen reduction reaction and water remediation박상백; 박종철; 김재찬, et al
2016-02Enhanced Patency and Endothelialization of Small-Caliber Vascular Grafts Fabricated by Coimmobilization of Heparin and Cell-Adhesive Peptides정윤기; 최원섭; 이윤기, et al
1997-09Growth of a thick GaN film on ZnO/sapphire using hydride vapor phase epitaxy이정욱; 유지범; 양형국, et al
2000-09Heparinized bovine pericardium as a novel cardiovascular bioprosthesis이원규; 박기동; 한동근, et al
2009-07High performance piezoelectric MEMS energy harvester based on D33 mode of PZT thin film on buffer-layer with PbTIO3 inter-layer박종철; 이덕현; 박재영, et al
2020-09High-power lithium-ion capacitor using orthorhombic Nb2O5 nanotubes enabled by cellulose-based electrospun scaffolds박상백; 박종철; 김동완
2001-01Improved calcification resistance and biocompatibility of tissue patch grafted with sulfonated PEO or heparin after glutaraldehyde fixation이원규; 박기동; 김영하, et al
2015-06In Situ Recruitment of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Chemokines for Articular Cartilage Regeneration.박민성; 김윤희; 정영미, et al
1998-06In vitro evaluation of PEG modified polyurethanes in cellular toxicity이종은; 박종철; 박기동, et al
2010-12Modeling and Characterization of Piezoelectric d(33)-Mode MEMS Energy Harvester박종철; 박재영; 이윤표
1998-04Pinning effect on fluctuation conductivity in a superconducting untwinned YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-// δ single crystal with columnar defects김진태; 박용기; 박종철, et al
2002-05Preparation of chemically active mesoporous adsorbent for Pt(Ⅱ) and Pd(Ⅱ) adsorption from aqueous solutions강태욱; 박영근; 박종철, et al
2010-06Recent R & D Trends of Medical Adhesives and Anti-adhesion Membranes이종호; 김현용; 정태곤, et al
1998-12Type I atelocollagen grafting on polyurethane tube and its mechanical property서활; 황유식; 이종은, et al
2010-11Underlying mechanism for suppression of vascular smooth muscle cells by green tea polyphenol EGCG released from biodegradable polymers for stent application한동욱; 정덕영; 박종철, et al
1997-11수종 시판 경추보조기의 물성이 피부조직에 미치는 영향김경태; 박종철; 최재봉, et al