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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-10A full-scale demonstration of nutrients removal in a single reactor combining anaerobic and aerobic conditions최용수; 홍석원; 이영대, et al
2000-12A study on enhancement of the soil matrix strength using slime-forming bacteria박준규; 홍석원; 최용수
2002-04Application of contact oxidation with media in the polluted stream water이지웅; 전양근; 최용수, et al
2011-05Compensation of periodic nonlinearity of heterodyne interferometer using a constant-phase control scheme박영규; 박준규; 최희덕, et al
2013-03Complex of Fas-associated factor 1 (FAF1) with valosin-containing protein (VCP)-Npl4-Ufd1 and polyubiquitinated proteins promotes endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD)이재진; 박준규; 정재호, et al
2007-03Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of enoyl-ACP reductase III (FabL) from Bacillus subtilis김국한; 박준규; 하병학, et al
2005-01Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of peptide deformylase (PDF) from Bacillus cereus in ligand-free and actinonin-bound forms박준규; 문진호; 김재홍, et al
2000-11Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by ultrasonic irradiation박준규; 홍석원; 장원석
1999-12Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by ultrasound irradiation박준규; 홍석원
2002-02Effect of zeolite media for the treatment of textile wastewater in a biological aerated filter장원석; 홍석원; 박준규
2019-12Heparin coating on 3D printed poly (l-lactic acid) biodegradable cardiovascular stent via mild surface modification approach for coronary artery implantation정영미; 이수진; 이상진, et al
2011-05Heterodyne interferometer based on constant-phase locking scheme박영규; 박준규; 최희덕, et al
2010-03New design platform for malonyl-CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase홍승곤; 김국한; 박준규, et al
2003-09Purification and characterization of human nucleolar phosphoprotein 140 expresssed in Escherichia coli김윤경; 진영남; Krishna M. Vukoti, et al
2008-08Small-angle X-ray scattering studies on structures of an estrogen-related receptor α ligand binding domain and its complexes with ligands and coactivators진경식; 박준규; 윤진환, et al
2011-02Solution structure of UIM and interaction of tandem ubiquitin binding domains in STAM1 with ubiquitin임종수; 손우성; 박준규, et al
2007-09Structural Basis for Glutamate Racemase Inhibition김국한; 봉영종; 박준규, et al
2016-06Structural basis for recruiting and shuttling of the spliceosomal deubiquitinase USP4 by SART3.김은경; 송은주; 박준규, et al
2005-01Structural comparison of ligand-binding domains in estrogen-related receptors김혜연; 배애님; 이연주, et al
2005-07Structure analysis of peptide deformylase from Bacillus cereus문진호; 박준규; 김은경
2009-11Structure and interaction of ubiquitin-associated domain of human Fas-associated factor 1송진수; 박준규; 이재진, et al
2002-04Study on development of yellow soil media for stream water clean-up박준규; 최용수; 전양근
2017-05USP15 regulates dynamic protein-protein interactions of the spliceosome through deubiquitination of PRP31김은경; 송은주; 박진영, et al
-(Undefined)롬바드, 앤서니; 롱, 우준; 뤼브라드 오케, et al