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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-0510 MHz Low-Afterpulse Single-Photon Detection at 1.55 μm Using the Active Hold-Off Technique for QKD보우지드; 박준범; 김세민, et al
2016-02Anatomy of high recyclability of graphene oxide based palladium nanocomposites in the Sonogashira reaction: On the nature of the catalyst deactivation김보현; 이설희; 한상욱, et al
2015-10Carbon nanotube fiber's densification using chlorosulfonic acid이동명; 박준범; 정현수, et al
2004-09Complex Dielectric Constant of Soil Contaminated by Landfill Leachate with Measured Frequency오명학; 방선영; 박준범, et al
2015-10Densification of Carbon Nanotube Fibers using Chlorosulfonic Acid이동명; 박준범; 정현수, et al
2003-12Dielectric dispersion characteristics of sand contaminated by heavy metal, landfill leachate and BTEX (02-104B)이주형; 오명학; 박준범, et al
2015-10Dynamic light scattering analysis of SNARE-driven membrane fusion and the effects of SNARE-binding flavonoid양유수; 허바울; 공병재, et al
2010-12Effect of soil organic carbon on the quantification of jet-fuels in soil using partitioning tracer method이성수; 이승학; 박준범
2010-05Effects of the Active Hold-off Technique in 1.55-μm Single-photon Detection보우지드; 박준범; 문성욱
2014-02Effects of washing solution and drying condition on reactivity of nano-scale zero valent irons (nZVIs) synthesized by borohydride reduction우희수; 박준범; 이석헌, et al
2015-05Growth of Long CNTs and Continuous Synthesis of CNT Fibers김승민; 이재근; 박준범, et al
2010-12High Performance Single Photon Detector for Quantum Key Distribution보우지드; 박준범; 김세민, et al
2007-01Low-noise Single-photon Detector for the 1.5-㎛ Wavelength Region이승훈; 정규현; 김경헌, et al
2015-05Mechanical behavior of carbon nanotube fibers influenced by plasma treatment김진석; 박준범; 이세현, et al
2014-11Metal catalyst-assisted growth of GaN nanowires on graphene films for flexible photocatalyst applications박준범; 김남정; 김영진, et al
2011-08Nano-antenna based optical fiber probe박준범; 김진식; Sookyoung Roh, et al
2012-03Near Infrared Single Photon Detector Using an InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode Operated with a Bipolar Gating Signal보우지드; 박준범; 김세민, et al
2007-05Plug & Play quantum cryptography system이경운; 박철우; 박준범, et al
2010-10Simultaneous removal of Cd and Cr(VI) in the subsurface using permeable reactive barrier filled with Fe-loaded zeolite: Soil box experiment이성수; 이승학; 박준범
2009-07Single photon generation and low noise detection based on APD for Quantum Key Distribution박준범; 보우지드; 황성현, et al
2006-07Single-Photon Counting in the 1550-nm Wavelength Region for Quantum Cryptography박철우; 박준범; 박영수, et al
2014-11Synthesis of CNT fibers by direct spinning method김진석; 박준범; 곽이구, et al
2014-11The effect of sulfur and IR heating on the carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers박준범; 이성현; 정서정, et al
2008-09Unidirectional Quantum Key Distribution System Based upon a Time-Division Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Consisting of Phase Stabilized Optical Fibers박준범; 김성원; 이경운, et al
2012-12-04기어 세트강동훈; 김진식; 박준범, et al
2014-09다기능성 탄소나노튜브 섬유의 합성 및 응용 기술 동향박준범; 정서정; 김진석, et al
2005-12-28위상안정특수광섬유 기반의 직접 전송형 양자암호 시스템문성욱; 박준범; 박철우
2016-04직접 방사법에 의한 탄소나노튜브섬유 제조, 탄소나노튜브섬유의 강도 측정 및 화학 기상 침착법에 의한 탄소나노튜브섬유의 고 강도화김승민; 이재근; 박준범
2015-08직접 방사법으로 합성된 탄소나노튜브 섬유의 기계적 특성 향상김진석; 박준범; 김승민, et al