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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-07Adsorption and reaction behavior for the simultaneous adsorption of NO-NO2 and SO2 on activated carbon impregnated with KOH이영완; Hyun-Jin Kim; 박지원, et al
2002-05Adsorption and reaction of NO and NO₂ by carbon supproting potassium catalyst김현진; 이영환; 최대기, et al
2002-09Adsorption behavior of NO and NO₂ onto KOH impregnated activated carbon김현진; 이영환; 최대기, et al
2000-04Adsorption characteristics of NOx on potassium species alkaline impregnated activated carbon in com이영환; 장성철; 최대기, et al
2002-03Adsorption characteristics of SO ₂ on activated carbon prepared from coconut shell with potassium hydroxide activation이영환; 박진원; 정재훈, et al
2000-04Adsorption equilibria of hexafluoropropene and HFC-227ea on activated carbon이영환; 윤정호; 최대기, et al
2002-10Adsorption-desorption and surface reactivity of NOx on chemically modified activated carbon이영환; Hyun-Jin Kim; 손승준, et al
2019-05Bayesian inference of aqueous mineral carbonation kinetics for carbon capture and utilization이웅; 나종걸; 박성언, et al
2001-04Changes in surface chemistry and selective adsorption behavior of SO₂ on impregnated activated carbon using fixed-bed adsorber이영환; 최대기; 박진원
2000-10Characterics of selective adsorption for NOx on impregnated activated carbon - I. Adsorption behavior이영환; 최대기; 박진원
2000-10Characterics of selective adsorption for NOx on impregnated activated carbon - II. Surface reaction이영환; 최대기; 박진원
2002-05Characteristics of chemsorption from surface diffusion of NO and NO₂ by carbon supporting potassium catalyst김현진; 이영환; 이은일, et al
2002-04Characteristics of desorption and regeneration for NO-NO₂-SO₂-O₂ adsorbed on surface-modified activated carbon이영환; 김현진; 박지원, et al
2002-02Characteristics of NOx adsorption and surface chemistry on impregnated activated carbon이영환; 최대기; 박진원
2002-04Characterization of membrane fouling during a submerged-type membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatment이용훈; 안규홍; 김준성, et al
2002-10Comparison summaries with other commercial materials & techonlogies and low cost preparation & efficient operatino on NOx adsorption of alkaline carbonaceous materials이영환; Hyun-Jin Kim; 손승준, et al
2001-04Correlation for selective adsorption behavior of NOx and oxygen on surface modified activated carbon이영환; 최대기; 박진원
1997-12Dissolved air flotation(DAF) for the treatment of washwater from the washing process of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils이상호; 장윤영; 최대기, et al
2001-08Effect of surface chemistry in NOx adsorption over surface modified activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최대기, et al
2002-04Interpretation of characteristics changes in adsorption behavior and surface chemistry for NO-NO2-SO2 over surface modified activated carbon이영환; 박지원; 최병욱, et al
2004-06Mercury emissions from selected stationary combustion sources in Korea이성준; 서용칠; 정종수, et al
2001-05NOx adsorption on impregnated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최대기, et al
2002-04NOx adsorption on impregnated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최대기, et al
2002-10Optimum condition for removal of the calcium by Na2CO3 sedimentation and electrodialysis이승규; 박진원; 조영상
2001-10Outline for low temperature adsorption and reaction characteristics of NO-NO₂ over chemically-treated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최병욱, et al
2002-08Performance of fixed-bed KOH impregnated activated carbon adsorber for NO and NO2 removal in the presence of oxygen이영환; 최대기; 박진원
2017-02Preparation of high-purity nano-CaCO3 from steel slag정광덕; 조호용; 박진원, et al
2002-05Removal of the calcium by chemical sedimentation and electrodialysis이승규; 조영상; 박진원
2001-10Selective adsorption behavior of NOx-SO₂ on surface modified activated carbon in combustion/incineration flue gas condition이영환; 최병욱; 윤정호, et al
2001-10Studies on the competitive adsorption of NO-NO₂-SO₂-O₂ on activated carbon supported potassium hydroxide이영환; 박지원; 박정근, et al