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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07A Guideline for an Outpatient Guidance System for use in General Hospitals김건희; 박주경; 한만철, et al
1996-10A study on fabrication and properties of reaction-bonded silicon carbide (I) : effect of pH and dispersants on the stable slip.박현철; 박상환; 최성철
1996-10A study on fabrication and properties of reaction-bonded silicon carbide (II) : microstructure and mechanical properties.박현철; 박상환; 최성철
2009-08An OWL-Based Knowledge Model for Combined-Process-and-Location Aware Service김건희; 한만철; 박주경, et al
2009-10Characterization of the first higher-order modes in a photonic crystal fiber임선도; 박현철; 황인각, et al
2009-07Context-aware Digital Card System for Communication박현철; 김소령; 한만철, et al
2018-01Enhanced Terahertz Shielding of MXenes with Nano-Metamaterials전영민; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2010-02Experimental excitation and characterization of cladding modes in photonic crystal fiber임선도; 박현철; 황인각, et al
2015-10Floating compression of Ag nanowire networks for effective strain release of stretchable transparent electrodes표준범; 김병수; 박현철, et al
2010-02High-accuracy measurement of cladding noncircularity based on phase velocity difference between acoustic polarization modes임선도; 박현철; 이관일, et al
2015-09Highly Enhanced Electromechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposite조계룡; 박현철; 구종민, et al
2018-03Highly enhanced electromechanical properties of PVDF-TrFE/SWCNT nanocomposites using an efficient polymer compatibilizer황승상; 백경열; 구종민, et al
2015-06In situ synchrotron wide-angle X-ray scattering study on rapid lithiation of graphite anode via direct contact method for Li-ion capacitors박현철; 김민호; Fan Xu, et al
2018-10Mechanical Fatigue Resistance of Piezoelectric PVDF Polymers강종윤; 구종민; 손정곤, et al
2014-03Mechanical, dielectric, and electromechanical properties of silicone dielectric elastomer actuators김일진; 민경호; 박현철, et al
2017-10Multidirectional Wrinkle Patterns Programmed by Sequential Uniaxial Strain with Conformal yet Nontraceable Masks홍순만; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2017-08Multiscale and multi-directional wrinkle patterning via sequential mechanical deformations with porous template홍순만; 구종민; 박현철
2017-02Nonlinear Frameworks for Reversible and Pluripotent Wetting on Topographic Surfaces홍순만; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2009-09Observation and analysis of cladding modes in photonic crystal fiber임선도; 박현철; 황인각, et al
2009-02Process and Location-aware Information Service System for the Disabled and the Elderly한만철; 김건희; 박현철, et al
2017-09Shaping micro-clusters via inverse jamming and topographic close-packing of microbombs홍순만; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2010-01Spatiotemporal Information Service System for the Elderly in Hospital박주경; 한만철; 김건희, et al
2014-06Spin nano-oscillator-based wireless communication최현석; 강선율; 조성준, et al
2011-11-08공항 안내 서비스 제공 시스템 및 방법김건희; 김소령; 박현철, et al
2009-05광자결정 광섬유 음향광학 가변필터임선도; 이상배; 박현철, et al
2011-09-26동작 인식을 이용한 이동 단말의 조작 장치 및 방법김건희; 박현철; 이성일, et al
2010-07-27병원안내시스템 및 병원안내서비스 제공방법김건희; 박세형; 박주경, et al
2009-02-27의사소통 지원을 위한 상황인식 기반의 디지털 카드 시스템김건희; 김래현; 박세형, et al
2011-11-18이동체의 위치 추정 시스템 및 방법김건희; 김소령; 박현철, et al
2016-06전기활성_고분자_액추에이터구종민; 박현철; 권태훈