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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11A new absorption band and visible absorption properties in V-doped TiO2 nanopowder지현석; 박훈; 이건배, et al
2004-09Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor synthesis of Ti1-xVxO2 nanopowder with a big adsorption in visible region안재평; 박훈; 정현성, et al
2004-09Chemical band structure of V-doped TiO2 nanopowder synthesized by aerosol-assisted chemical vapor synthesis박훈; 안재평; 박종구, et al
2004-07Doping of vanadium into the TiO2 nanopowder using solution-type precursor in the aerosol-assisted chemical vapor synthesis안재평; 박훈; 지현석, et al
2005-07Effect of post heat treatment on the photocatalytic behavior of TiO2 nanopowder synthesized by flame method박훈; 지현석; 서경원, et al
2005-04Electronic and structural characteristics of transition metal-doped TiO2 nanopowder using flame method박훈; 지현석; 이승용, et al
2004-11Fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cell using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide particles김형철; 이승용; 지현석, et al
2005-06Fabrication of transition-metal-incorporated TiO2 nanopowder by flame synthesis박훈; 지현석; 이승용, et al
2004-09Facet and growth behavior of ZnO nanorod synthesized by chemical vapor transport Facet and growth behavior of ZnO nanorod synthesized by chemical vapor transport박훈; 정현성; 안재평, et al
2007-01HRTEM Study of Phase Transformation from Anatase to Rutile in Nanocrystalline TiO2 Particles김규현; 박훈; 안재평, et al
2008-10Improvement of photocatalytic behavior of chemical-vapor-synthesized TiO2 nanopowders by post-heat treatment박훈; 지현석; 채근화, et al
2007-01In-Situ TEM Observation on Phase Formation of TiO2 Nanoparticle Synthesized by Flame Method지현석; 박훈; 김규현, et al
2001-03Measurements of thermal diffusivity for thin slabs by a converging thermal wave techniqueY. Joo; 박훈; 채희백, et al
2005-04Photocatalytic behavior of TiO2 nanopowder synthesized by aerosol method안재평; 지현석; 박훈, et al
2005-07PLD를 이용한 hertero-epitaxial As-doped ZnO 박막증착 조건의 최적화이홍찬; 정연식; 최원국, et al
2007-02Preparation of bimetal incorporated TiO2 photocatalytic nano-powders by flame method and their photocatalytic reactivity for the degradation of diluted 2-propanol박훈; B. Neppolian; 지현석, et al
2008-02Preparation of highly active TiO2 nano-particle photocatalysts by a flame aerosol method for the complete oxidation of 2-propanol박훈; 지현석; B. Neppolian, et al
2005-08Shapes of ZnO nanostructures grown in the aqueous solutions장연익; 박훈; 이승용, et al
2004-07Size-effect on the photoluminescence of zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesized by chemical reaction method김형철; 정현성; 박훈, et al
2016-01Stretchable Loudspeaker using Liquid Metal Microchannel진상우; 박정원; 홍수영, et al
2009-03Suppressed recombination of electrons and holes and its role on the improvement of photoreactivity of flame-synthesized TiO2 nanopowders지현석; 박훈; 채근화, et al
2005-07Synchrotron study of transition metals doped TiO2 nanopowders produced by flame method using premixed solution type precursors박훈; 지현석; 이승용, et al
2005-07Synthesis and characteristics of transition metal-doped TiO2 nanopowder produced by AACVS지현석; 박훈; 서경원, et al
2009-02Synthesis and structural properties of lithium titanium oxide powder as-synthesized by two step calcination process김수호; 박훈; 지승현, et al
2004-06Synthesis of W18O49 phase by carbothermal reduction of tungsten oxide and its field emission characteristics양효승; 박훈; 김형철, et al
2001-03Thermal diffusivity of diamond wafers deposited with multicathode dc plasma-assisted CVD채희백; 박훈; 홍진수, et al
2005-05-31나노분말 연소반응기와, 그 나노분말 연소반응기를 이용한나노분말 합성장치와, 그 나노분말 합성장치의 제어방법김형철; 박종구; 박훈, et al
2004-10스마트글레이징 공정을 위한 유리기판의 개질허덕도; 권혁보; 전병세, et al
2006-07탄소열환원법을 이용한 질화알루미늄 나노분말의 합성서경원; 나현웅; 박훈, et al
2005-02-28판상의 세라믹 히터박훈; 오영제