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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A magnetite suspension-based washing method for immunoassays using Escherichia coli cells with autodisplayed Z-domains강민정; 김도훈; 봉지홍, et al
2006-04Additive assay for the repeated measurements of immunosensor without regeneration step정지원; 김상두; Bernhardt R, et al
2016-01Analysis of benzylpenicillin in milk using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry with top-down synthesized TiO2 nanowires as the solid matrix강민정; 김조일; 박종민, et al
2011-04Autodisplay of streptavidin박민; Joachim Jose; Sarah Thommes, et al
2016-08Band-type microelectrodes for amperometric immunoassays강민정; 이가연; 장영욱, et al
2015-01Chemiluminescence lateral flow immunoassay based on Pt nanoparticle with peroxidase activity박종민; 정하욱; 장영욱, et al
2015-12Co-autodisplay of Z-domains and bovine caseins on the outer membrane of E. coli유구; Thorsten Saenger; 봉지홍, et al
2013-05Covalent protein immobilization with a parylene-H film for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry김조일; 이가연; 고혁, et al
2013-10Detection of chemiluminescence reaction and bio materials by CdS nanowire photosensor안병기; 박종민; 정해민, et al
2014-04Detection of chemiluminescence reaction by parylene N coated CdS nanowire photosensor안병기; 정영욱; 이경호, et al
2009-01Diamond-like carbon (DLC) microelectrode for electrochemical ELISAJo-Il Kim; Adela Bordeanu; 변재철
2015-12Effect of Processing Parameters on the Formation of Large Area Self-Assembled Monolayer of Polystyrene Beads by a Convective Self-Assembly Method서안나; 최지환; 변재철, et al
2015-07Electrochemical analysis of autodisplayed adrenodoxin (Adx) on the outer membrane of E. coli유구; 봉지홍; 박민, et al
2012-12Electrochemical ELISA based on Escherichia coli with autodisplayed Z-domains이주경; 유구; 박민, et al
2009-01Escherichia coli with autodisplayed Z-domain of protein A for signal amplification of SPR biosensorJoachim Jose; 정지원; Byoung-Jin Jeon, et al
2015-11Evaluation of a specific diagnostic marker for rheumatoid arthritisbased on cyclic citrullinated peptide박민; 변재철; 하피자 아커, et al
2013-08Flow cytometric immunoassay using E. coli with autodisplayed Z-domains박민; 봉지홍; 유구, et al
2014-05Fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS)-based immunoassays using E. coli cells with autodisplayed Z-domains박민; 변재철; Joachim Jose, et al
2005-11Gold-film array-electrode for electrochemical ELISA김상두; 정지원; J.T. Kim, et al
2015-09Highly sensitive bacterial susceptibility test against penicillin using parylene-matrix chip박종민; 김조일; 송현우, et al
2014-10Highly Sensitive Immunoassay for the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction Using Silica Spheres Encapsulating a Quantum Dot Layer한효정; 변재철; 유혜인, et al
2010-06Highly sensitive rapid test with chemiluminescent signal bands김형석; 고혁; 강민정, et al
2006-11Immunosensor with a controlled orientation of antibodies by using NeutrAvidin-protein A complex at immunoaffinity layer정지원; 박정민; R. Bernhardt, et al
2011-12Immunostick assay for medical diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis고혁; 이은행; 전병진, et al
2008-10Influence of diameter on the photoresponse in a networked zinc-oxide nanowire photodetector하룔; 변재철; 오황유, et al
2015-03Isolation and characterization of the outer membrane of Escherichia coli with autodisplayed Z-domains박민; 유구; 봉지홍, et al
2013-07Magnetic-bead-based immunoassay using E. coli cells with autodisplayed Z-domains유구; 봉지홍; 박민, et al
2016-01Microbead-based immunoassay using the outer membrane layerof Escherichia coli combined with autodisplayed Z-domains강민정; 김도훈; 봉지홍, et al
2005-10Nanowire-assisted laser desorption and ionization mass spectrometry for quantitative analysis of small molecules강민정; 변재철; 이정철, et al
2013-06Optimization of a FACS based-immunoassay using E. coli autodisplaying Z-domains박민; 봉지홍; 유구, et al