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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03A compact BrFAFC (Bio-reformed Formic Acid Fuel Cell) converting formate to power신종환; 정남기; 유성종, et al
2016-01A simple synthesis of urchin-like Pt?Ni bimetallic nanostructures as enhanced electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction최광현; 장영진; 정동영, et al
2000-04Alloy catalyst formation based on boennemann method for methanol oxidation reaction이설아; 박경원; 권부길, et al
2014-10Analysis of the spatially distributed performance degradation of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack조민경; 이대녕; 김이영, et al
2011-03Catalytic Reactions in Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells김인; 한옥희; 채신애, et al
2010-12Characteristics and performance of membrane electrode assemblies with operating conditions in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell조용훈; 유성종; 박인수, et al
2013-10Chemical tuning of electrochemical properties of Pt-skin surface for highly active oxygen reduction reactions정남기; 정영훈; 정동영, et al
1999-01CO tolerable anode electrodes for direct methanol fuel cells.박경원; 이설아; 오인환, et al
2013-04Cobalt-Based Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction / Evolution Reactions in Alkaline Medium정남기; 박희영; 이상영, et al
2010-10Design of Palladium-Based Alloy Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in Fuel Cells유성종; 성영은
2014-02Edge-exposed MoS2 nano-assembled structures as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction정동영; 박성근; 정영훈, et al
2010-12Effect of de-alloying of Pt-Ni bimetallic nanoparticles on the oxygen reduction reaction전태열; 유성종; 조용훈, et al
2015-05Effect of ionomer content and relative humidity on Intermediate temperature(IT)-PEMFC performances at 120℃조민경; 박희영; 차인영, et al
2013-05Effect of Particle Size of PtRu Nanoparticles Embedded in WO3 on Electrocatalysis유성종; 박희영; 황승준, et al
2011-02Effect of PtRu alloying degree on electrocatalytic activities and stabilities이국승; 전태열; 유성종, et al
2012-09Effect of Se modification of Ru3Sey/C electrocatalysts on the oxygen reduction activities in the presence of phosphoric acid장종현; 박희영; 유성종, et al
2013-02Effect of Se modification on RuSey/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction with phosphoric acid박희영; 유성종; 김수진, et al
2014-09Effect of surface composition of Pt-Fe nanoparticles for oxygen reduction reactions정영훈; 정동영; 정남기, et al
2010-04Effect of Surface Segregation on the Methanol Oxidation Reaction in Carbon-Supported Pt-Ru Alloy Nanoparticles전태열; 이국승; 유성종, et al
2011-10Effect of the amount of reducing agent on surface structures, electrochemical activity and stability of PtRu catalysts이국승; 유성종; 장종현, et al
2010-04Effects of particle size on surface electronic and electrocatalytic properties of Pt/TiO2 and PtRu/TiO2 nanocatalysts유성종; 전태열; 김수길, et al
2010-02Effects of particle size on surface electronic and electrocatalytic properties of Pt/TiO2 nanocatalysts유성종; 전태열; 이국승, et al
2005-06Electro-oxidation of Methanol and Formic Acid on PtRu and PtAu DLFCs최종호; 정경진; 한종희, et al
2006-12Electro-oxidation of methanol and formic acid on PtRu and PtAu for direct liquid fuel cells최종호; 정경진; 동유정, et al
2012-02Electrocatalytic Effects of Carbon Dissolution in Pd Nanoparticles전태열; 유성종; 박희영, et al
2010-03Electrocatalytic properties of Pd clusters on Au nanoparticles in formic acid electro-oxidation박인수; 이국승; 유성종, et al
2011-12Electrocatalytic Properties of TiO2-Embedded Pt Nanoparticles in Oxidation of Methanol: Particle Size Effect and Proton Spillover Effect유성종; 이국승; 조용훈, et al
2013-03Electrochemical determination of the surface composition of Pd-Pt core-shell nanoparticles전태열; 유성종; 조용훈, et al
2012-11Electronic Effects in Stability and Activity of Pt-based Alloy Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction유성종; 황승준; 김수길, et al
2016-02Electronic Ensemble Effects of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Surface on PtCo Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction Reactions정남기; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Sanjeev Gautam, et al