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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07A mediator-less microbial fuel cell enriched with oligotrophs as a low BOD sensor.이지영; 장재경; 정성제, et al
2000-07Airway gene delivery using cationic lipid emulsions in vitro and in vivo김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
2005-06Airway gene transfer using cationic emulsion as a mucosal gene carrier김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
1998-01CO fermentation of Eubacterium limosum KIST612장인섭; 김도희; 김병홍, et al
2009-07Effect of P-glycoprotein on the tissue distribution of DHP107, oral paclitaxel formulation홍정완; 정혜진; 이인현, et al
2007-12Efficacy and tissue distribution of DHP107, an oral paclitaxel formulation홍정완; 이인현; 곽영학, et al
1999-12Formulation of defined media for carbon monoxide fermentation by Eubacterium limosum KIST612 and the growth characteristics of the bacterium장인섭; 김병홍; 김도희, et al
1998-01In virto and in vivo gene delivery using cationic lipid emulsion정서영; 김태우; 정혜선, et al
1999-01In vitro and in vivo gene delivery using cationic lipid emulusion김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
2000-04In vivo gene transfer to the mouse nasal cavity mucosa using a stable cationic lipid emulsion김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
1998-01In vivo gene transfer using cationic lipid emulsion-mediated gene delivery system by intra nasal administration정서영; 김태우; 김용희, et al
2006-10Induction of Immunity Against Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen by Intranasal DNA Vaccination Using a Cationic Emulsion as a Mucosal Gene Carrier김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
2002-07Injectable gel type formation of hydrated egg phosphatidylcholine and hyaluronic acid for local drug delivery김상균; 정혜선; 강승백, et al
2002-09Injectable gel type formulation of hydrated egg phosphatidylcholine and hyaluronate for local drug delivery김상균; 정혜선; 이인현, et al
2001-01Optimization of lipid composition in cationic emulsion as in vitro and in vivo transfection agents김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
2005-05Polycations enhance emulsion-mediated in vitro and in vivo transfection김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬, et al
1999-01Structural basis for cold adaptation : Sequence, biochemical properties, and crystal structure of malate dehydrogenase from a psychrophile aquaspirillium arcticum김선용; 황광연; 김성호, et al
1999-05Structure and mechanism of glutamate racemase from Aquifex pyrophilus황광연; 조춘석; 김상숙, et al
2003-02The effects of serum on the stability and the transfection activity of the cationic lipid emulsion with various oils.김영진; 김태우; 정혜선, et al
2002-07The role of non-ionic surfactanst on cationic lipid mediated gene transfer김태우; 김영진; 정혜선, et al
2002-07Transfer and retention of the DNA/carrier complexes to hepatocellular carcinoma using lipiodol홍정완; 김영진; 윤창진, et al
2003-08Use of acetate for enrichment of electrochemically active microorganisms and their 16S rDNA analyses이지영; Nguyet Thu Phung; 장인섭, et al