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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-119-Cis-Retinoic Acid Induces Growth Inhibition in Retinoid-Sensitive Breast Cancer and Sea Urchin Embryonic Cells via Retinoid X Receptor α and Replication Factor C3맹세정; 김길중; 최은주, et al
2008-11A novel marine bacterium of the family Pseudomonadaceae isolated from Asterias amurensis손영창; 양현옥; 권학철, et al
2008-11Aeromicrobium halocynthiae sp. nov., A novel tauroursocholate producing bacterium isolated from the marine ascidian halocynthia roretzi김성훈; 권학철; 양현옥, et al
2010-12Aeromicrobium halocynthiae sp. nov., a taurocholic acid-producing bacterium isolated from the marine ascidian Halocynthia roretzi김성훈; 양현옥; 손영창, et al
2008-11Antibiotic phenazines from a marine sponge-derived bacterium, Brevibacterium sp. KMD 003최은주; 권학철; 손영창, et al
2010-10Bi-Functional Induction of the Quinone Reductase and Cytochrome P450 1A1 by Youngiasides via Nrf2-ARE and AhR-XRE Pathways윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주, et al
2009-10Bifunctional induction of youngiaside A, B and C for Cancer Chemoprevention through the both Nrf2/ARE and AhR/XRE Pathway in Caco-2 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주, et al
2008-04Bioactive flavonoids on alcohol metabolizing enzymes from Echinosophora koreensis최은주; 권학철; 손영창, et al
2009-05Cancer Chemopreventive Effect by Crepidiastrum denticulatum is exerted through Transcriptional Regulation of Quinone Reductase through Nrf2윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주, et al
2009-06Four flavonoids from Echinosophora koreensis and their effects on alcohol metabolizing enzymes최은주; 권학철; 손영창, et al
2010-04Kistimonas asteriae gen. nov., sp. nov., a gammaproteobacterium isolated from Asterias amurensis최은주; 권학철; 손영창, et al
2012-03Molecular and expression analysis of the farnesoid X receptor in the urochordate Halocynthia roretzi맹세정; 이정환; 김길중, et al
2009-04Nongenomic estrogen signaling of a plant isoflavone, tectoridin강경수; 이샛별; 정상훈, et al
2010-02Study on Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Four Compositae Plants through Hepatic Detoxification Enzymes and Its Molecular Mechanisms윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주, et al
2009-03Tectoridin, a Poor Ligand of Estrogen Receptor α, Exerts Its Estrogenic Effects via an ERK-dependent Pathway강경수; 이샛별; 정상훈, et al
2012-10Two New Cholic Acid Derivatives from the Marine Ascidian-Associated Bacterium Hasllibacter halocynthiae김성훈; 신윤경; 손영창, et al