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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-110차회절광의 제거김성규; 박민철; 김재순, et al
1996-013 Dimensional TV using focus distance-controlled lenses김경태; Nobuaki Yanagisawa; 손정영
2009-123-D Display and Communication Technology박민철; 손정영
2008-033-D TV and display using multiview손정영; 김신환; 박민철, et al
2010-043D Display and Image Processing System for Metal Bellows Welding박민철; 손정영
2012-043D Display Simulator based on Mixed Reality박민철; 이호동; 손정영
2007-053D TV Interface by an intelligent remote controller박민철; 김성규; 손정영
1995-013차원 TV 기술의 현재와 미래손정영
1997-013차원 동영상 정보처리용 영상 입출력 기술손정영; 천유식
1996-073차원 영상 기술손정영
1999-07-133차원 영상의 다자 시청용 스크린 및 그 제작방법손정영; 시미르노브바딤브이; 이혁수
2001-07A 16-view 3 dimensional imaging system손정영; 김경태; 최용진, et al
2000-01A 16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zones손정영; Vadim V. Smirnov; 김경태, et al
2001-10A 3D multi-view image transform method손정영; V.V. Saveljev; 최용진, et al
2001-01A desktop autostereoscopic display with head-tracking capability손정영; Serger. A. Shestak; 김성식, et al
2001-01A device for diagnosis and treatment of impairments on binocular vision and stereopsis반지은; 최용진; 손정영, et al
2004-01A flexible removal of the 0-th order diffraction in digital holography김성규; 박민철; 변영태, et al
2001-08A full parallax three-dimensional imaging system based on a point light source array김성식; 손광훈; Vladimir Savaljev, et al
1996-01A holographic optical element for the wide angle color holographic car disply.손정영; 이혁수; 최상삼, et al
1998-06A holographic video system based on pulsed laser illumination and its perspective손정영
2009-06A Magnetic Flux Guide for a SQUID Microscope김신환; 손정영; 정대현, et al
1995-01A method of image transmission through a mulit-mode optical fiber.전형욱; 손정영; 최용진, et al
1997-02A method of making a holographic screen using a retroreflex plate전형욱; 이혁수; 최용진, et al
1997-02A method of making a holographic screen using a retroreflex plate손정영; 이혁수; Victor G. Komar, et al
1997-11A method of making lens raster on the DCG layer손정영; 이혁수; 전형욱, et al
2005-10A Model of Selective Visual Attention for a Stereo Pair of Images박민철; 김성규; 손정영
1998-05A multichannel AOM for a holographic video system손정영; Sergey A. Shestak; 김성규, et al
1998-01A multiview 3-D imaging system with full color capabilities손정영; Victor G. Komar; 천유식, et al
2007-09A Networked Viewpoint Controller Based on a Spatiotemporal Attention Module for the Future 3D TV박민철; 최원혁; 김성규, et al
1992-01A new observation on optical phase conjugation using barium titanate: Dark hole effect.전형욱; 손정영; 이임걸, et al