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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08Ammonia as an efficient COX-free hydrogen carrier: Fundamentals and feasibility analyses for fuel cell applications남석우; 한종희; 윤창원, et al
1995-01An experimental analysis on the maximum allowable PV value of oilless composite bearing materials공호성; 윤의성; 전기수, et al
2020-09Cellular Target Proteome in Breast Cancer Cells of an Oplopane Sesquiterpenoid Isolated from Tussilago farfara노주원; 송광호; 하인진, et al
2013-10Ceria added Sb-V2O5/TiO2 catalysts for low temperature NH3 SCR: Physico-chemical properties and catalytic activity이경주; 아닐쿠마; 막불살만, et al
2015-09Characterization of compatibilized blends of nylon 66/poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether)/high-impact polystyrene filled with phosphinate based flame retardants: Mechanical property, rheological behavior, and flame retardancy김도균; 송광호; 구종민, et al
2007-11Corrosion Behaviors of Commercial Metallic Alloys, Silicon Carbides, and Silicon Nitride in Sulfuric Acid Solutions김창수; 이기용; 송광호, et al
2010-06Development of a 600 W proton exchange membrane fuel cell power system for the hazardous mission robot이상엽; 민인규; 김형준, et al
2007-10Development of a 600W Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Power System for Driving Robot이상엽; 민인규; 김형준, et al
2010-10Effect of Mesoporous Silica Hollow Sphere support on Cobalt based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis catalyst박문주; 송광호; 문동주
2020-07Effect of Poly(phenylene sulfide) (PPS) as Functional Additive on the Physical Properties of Poly(phenylene ether) (PPE)/PPS Blends황승상; 김도균; 송광호
2020-11Effect of the fabrication condition of membrane electrode assemblies with carbon-supported ordered PtCo electrocatalyst on the durability of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells한종희; 김형준; 장종현, et al
2021-03Effects of Fiber Length on the Reflection Loss of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Polypropylene/Carbon Fiber Composites Prepared by Injection Molding and by Screw Extrusion Process구종민; 이승환; 한권형, et al
2018-08Electrochemical impedance analysis with transmission line model for accelerated carbon corrosion in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells한종희; 김형준; 장종현, et al
2012-10Engineering Plastic/Polyphenylene Ether 나노복합체의 물성과 난연성에 관한 연구김도균; 홍순만; 구종민, et al
2013-10Enhanced Activity of Ceria Loaded Sb-V2O5/TiO2 Catalysts for NO Reduction with Ammonia이경주; Muhammad Salman Maqbool; 아닐쿠마, et al
2011-04ENPLA/내열성 polymer composite의 물성 및 난연성 연구김도균; 송광호; 구종민, et al
2012-04ENPLA/폴리페닐렌계 나노복합체의 난연성 및 물성김도균; 홍순만; 구종민, et al
2020-05High purity hydrogen production via aqueous phase reforming of xylose over small Pt nanoparticles on a gamma-Al2O3 support최선희; 김용민; 윤창원, et al
2021-11High-performance multiblock PEMs containing a highly acidic fluorinated-hydrophilic domain for water electrolysis김형준; So Young Lee; 채지언, et al
2020-11Hydrocarbon-based electrode ionomer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells김형준; 장종현; 유성종, et al
2018-06Igalan from I. helenium L has a chemopreventive activity by activation of Nrf2 pathway and inhibition of NF-kB pathway in HepG2 cells노주원; 신지민; 이경미, et al
2019-01Igalan induces detoxifying enzymes mediated by the Nrf2 pathway in HepG2 cells노주원; 신지민; 이경미, et al
2020-11Improvement of fuel cell performances through the enhanced dispersion of the PTFE binder in electrodes for use in high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells김형준; 박현서; 이소영, et al
2017-10Influence of Cation Substitutions Based on ABO(3) Perovskite Materials, Sr1-XYXTi1-yRuyO3-delta, on Ammonia Dehydrogenation남석우; 윤성필; 한종희, et al
2020-08Low-temperature oxidative coupling of methane using alkaline earth metal oxide-supported perovskites서동진; 최재욱; 하정명, et al
2007-04Novel Separation Process of Gaseous MIxture of SO2 and O2 with ionic Liquid for Hydrogen Production in Thermochemical Sulfur-Iodine Water Splitting Cycle김창수; 이기용; 송광호, et al
2021-02Polystyrene-Based Hydroxide-Ion-Conducting Ionomer: Binder Characteristics and Performance in Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells김형준; 장종현; 헨켄스마이어디억, et al
2020-02PPE-Nylon 66 blends with high mechanical toughness and flame retardancy홍순만; 구종민; 이성수, et al
2013-09Production from ilmenite of TiO2-supported catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3이경주; 막불; 아닐, et al
2009-10Production of Cellulosic Ethanol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Heterologous Expressing Clostridium thermocellum Endoglucanase and Saccharomycopsis fibuligera β-glucosidase GenesEugene Jeon; Jeong-eun Hyeon; 서동진, et al