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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Cation-Regulated Transformation for Continuous Two-Dimensional Tin Monosulfide강종윤; 원성옥; 김성근, et al
2017-09Downsizing gas sensors based on semiconducting metal oxide: Effects of electrodes on gas sensing properties김진상; 강종윤; 김상태, et al
2019-01Heterojunction Based on Rh-Decorated WO3 Nanorods for Morphological Change and Gas Sensor Application Using the Transition Effect강종윤; 김상태; 이승엽, et al
2020-09Highly sensitive flexible NO2 sensor composed of vertically aligned 2D SnS2 operating at room temperature강종윤; 김성근; 조아진, et al
2017-02Highly sensitive sensors based on metal-oxide nanocolumns for fire detection강종윤; 심영석; 한수덕, et al
2021-04Ionic-activated semiconducting gas sensors operated by piezoelectric generators at room temperature강종윤; 송영근; 김광수, et al
2019-10Ionic­Activated Chemiresistive Gas Sensors for Room­Temperature Operation강종윤; 김상태; 김광수, et al
2019-03Li Alloy-based Non-Volatile Actuators강종윤; 송현철; 백승협, et al
2021-03Metal Oxide Nanorods-Based Sensor Array for Selective Detection of Biomarker Gases강종윤; 송영근; 박유민, et al
2019-02Morphological Evolution Induced through a Heterojunction of W-Decorated NiO Nanoigloos: Synergistic Effect on High-Performance Gas Sensors강종윤; 김상태; 이승엽, et al
2018-02Nanogap-controlled Pd coating for hydrogen sensitive switches and hydrogen sensors강종윤; 김상태; 노명섭, et al
2020-11On-Chip Chemiresistive Sensor Array for On-Road NOx Monitoring with Quantification이석; 김재헌; 강종윤, et al
2020-03Selective C2H2 detection with high sensitivity using SnO2 nanorod based gas sensors integrated with a gas chromatography강종윤; 송영근; Jun Ho Lee, et al
2020-11Smart forensic kit: Real-time estimation of postmortem interval using a highly sensitive gas sensor for microbial forensics김진상; 강종윤; 백승협, et al
2019-03SnS2 Nanograins on Porous SiO2 Nanorods Template for Highly Sensitive NO2 Sensor at Room Temperature with Excellent Recovery강종윤; 송영근; Ki Chang Kwon, et al
2018-09Synthesis of Numerous Edge Sites in MoS2 via SiO2 Nanorods Platform for Highly Sensitive Gas Sensor강종윤; 김상태; 심영석, et al
2017-10Synthesis of SnS Thin Films by Atomic Layer Deposition at Low Temperatures김진상; 최지원; 강종윤, et al
2017-09Versatile approaches to tune a nanocolumnar structure for optimized electrical properties of In2O3 based gas sensor윤석진; 김진상; 강종윤, et al