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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05A chemical prove for Ag ion using immobilized anthracene on self-assembled glass신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2003-04Anion (chromate ion) adsorption modeling on chelating fibers having amine groups under various pH고영건; 최웅수; 신동헌
2006-01Bowing effect with fluorescence: A unique chemosensor for the silver ion신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2014-02Carrier transport of Quantum Dot LED with Low-Work Function PEIE Polymer이규승; 손동익; 손수연, et al
2004-05Copper compounds Crystal Growth on the amine Groups Introduced chelating Fiber고영건; 신동헌; 최웅수
2004-07Cu Crystal Growth on a Chelating Fiber with Different Amine Chain Lengths고영건; 신동헌; 최웅수
2004-05Design of High Efficiency Chelate Fibers with an Amine Group To Remove Heavy Metal Ions and pH-Related FT-IR Analysis신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2004-08E-beam aided 2-D,3-D array of submicron PS for photonic band gap신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2004-10Fabrication of 3-D porous TiO2 material with assembles of submicrospheres as templates신동헌; 최웅수; 고영건, et al
2005-09Fabrication of highly qualified opal film with controlled thickness신동헌; 성보현; 임미정, et al
2016-03Facile and Purification-Free Synthesis of Nitrogenated Amphiphilic Graphitic Carbon Dots박민; 김태욱; 이상현, et al
2004-10Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy study on Cation adsorption on Succinated Viscose Rayon하스바따; 최웅수; 고영건, et al
2003-04FT-IR study of supramolecular architecture depending on pH effect: cation and anion adsorption onto novel synthesized chelating fiber.신동헌; 최웅수; 고영건
2005-02Pinecone-like Cu(II) crystal growth on the surface of amine-group-immobilized polymers고영건; 신동헌; 최웅수
2004-08Synthesis and characteristics of novel chelate fiber containing amine and amidine groups신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수, et al
2004-10Various Shapes of Cu(II) Complex and Cu(OH)2 Crystals Growth on the Amine Groups Immobilized PAN Fiber by the Control of Ligands임미정; 고영건; 신동헌, et al