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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-06A study of redox reaction of ferrite for hydrogen preparation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2001-10Behavior of ferrites in decomposition of H₂O for H₂ generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2002-05CO//2 decomposition with reduced SrFe//2O//5신현창; 정광덕; 최승철
2004-04CO2 decomposition with nano-sized Ferrite Prepared by Irradiation of Ultrasonic wave신현창; 오재희; 정광덕, et al
2003-02CO2 decomposition with waste ferrite신현창; 김진웅; 최정철, et al
2003-02Decomposition of carbon dioxide using Sr ferrites with various compositions신현창; 최정철; 정광덕, et al
2002-07Decomposition of CO2 with reduced ferrite by CH4신현창; 정광덕; 주오심, et al
2002-08Decomposition of H ₂ O with M-ferrite (M=Cu, and Ni) for H ₂ generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2000-01Decomposition of H2O with ferrite powders for hydrogen generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2003-03Decomposition of H2O with M-ferrite (M=Cu and Ni) for H2 generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2001-11Decomposition of H₂O with ferrite powders for H₂ generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2001-04Mechanism of M ferrites (M = Cu and Ni) in the CO₂ decomposition reaction신현창; 최승철; 정광덕, et al
2004-12Redox behavior of Cu ferrite for CO2 Decomposition신현창; 최승철; 김철승, et al
2003-10Redox behavior of Cu-ferrite for CO₂ decomposition신현창; 김종원; 김철성, et al
2002-06Thermal Behavior of (Co0.5Mn0.5)Fe2O4 for hydrogen generation by thermochemical cycle신현창; 최승철; 김철성, et al
2002-05Thermal behavior of (Co0.5Mn0.5)Fe2O4 for hydrogen generation with thermochenical cycle신현창; 최승철; 정광덕, et al