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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-061,4-Dihydropyrazolo[4,3-d]imidazole phenyl derivatives: A Novel Type II Raf kinase inhibitors유하나; 정윤경; 김환, et al
2015-06A Concise and Efficient Total Synthesis of Militarinone DUttam Dash; Sandip Sengupta; 심태보
2014-08A Concise Synthesis of Mupirocin H Using a Cross-Metathesis-Based StrategySandip Sengupta; 심태보
2012-04A new 3-methyl-4-ethylideneproline-containing peptide from the marine-derived Actinomycete Nocardiopsis lucentensis차진욱; 박진수; 심태보, et al
2013-06A new quantum dot-platinum conjugate for self-assembled nanoconjugates by coordination bonding mediated recognition이지연; 김희연; 심태보, et al
2016-01A Pyrazolo[3,4?d]pyrimidin-4-amine Derivative Containing an Isoxazole Moiety Is a Selective and Potent Inhibitor of RET Gatekeeper Mutants윤호종; 곽연의; 최승혜, et al
2010-08A Type-II Kinase Inhibitor Capable of Inhibiting the T315I “Gatekeeper” Mutant of Bcr-Abl최환근; Pingda Ren; Francisco Adrian, et al
2009-07Aminoquinoline Derivatives with Antiproliferative Activity Against Melanoma Cell Line남봉수; 김환; 오창현, et al
2009-03An ATP-competitive Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibitor Reveals Rapamycin-resistant Functions of mTORC1Thoreen, Carson C.; Kang, Seong A.; Chang, Jae Won, et al
2010-09An efficient and enantioselective total synthesis of naturally occurring L-783277최환근; 손정범; 박동식, et al
2009-10An Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of Diastereomerically Pure 1,4-Dideoxy-1,4-Imino-D-Arabinitol from a chiral aziridine박동식; 최환근; 이원구, et al
2011-04An Efficient Synthesis of (-)-8-epi ?wainsonine from Chiral Aziridine 2-Carboxylaldehyde심태보; 이백경; 김직녀
2013-10An efficient synthesis of 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-D- and L-arabinitol and 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-D- and L-xylitol from chiral aziridines최환근; 박동식; 이원구, et al
2010-10An Efficient synthesis of 5-membered iminosugars and (-)-Swainsonine from Chiral Aziridines최환근; 이원구; 심태보
2015-10Antitumor Effects and Mechanisms of AZD4547 on FGFR2-Deregulated Endometrial Cancer Cells곽연의; 조한나; 허우영, et al
2016-01Antitumor effects and molecular mechanisms of ponatinib on endometrial cancer cells harboring activating FGFR2 mutations김도희; 곽연의; 김남두, et al
2008-10Asymetric 10-Membered Bislactam Synthesis for Peptidomimetic Template and Its Application to Kinase Inhibition심태보; 최환근; 손정범, et al
2014-04Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-lentiginosine using a chiral aziridine based approach윤호종; 조경선; 심태보
2010-11Chemical kinomics: a powerful strategy for target deconvolution김도희; 심태보
2015-07Design and synthesis of new [1,2,3]Triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine derivatives as potential antiproliferative agentsAhmed Mahammed Elkamhawy; Al-Sanea, Mohammad M; 송치만, et al
2011-08Design, synthesis, and antiproliferative activity of new 1H-pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridine derivatives against melanoma cell lines엘가말; 정명호; 이웅산, et al
2012-07Design, synthesis, and antiproliferative activity of new 1H-pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridine derivatives against melanoma cell lines. Part 2정명호; 모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르, et al
2014-11Development of covalent inhibitors that can overcome resistance to first-generation FGFR kinase inhibitorsLi Tan; Jun Wang; Junko Tanizaki, et al
2015-08Development of Small Molecules Targeting the Pseudokinase Her3심태보; 임상민; Ting Xie, et al
2012-08Development of ‘DFG-out’ inhibitors of gatekeeper mutant kinases최환근; Jianming Zhang; Ellen Weisberg, et al
2010-03Discovery and Initial SAR of Pyrimidin-4-yl-1H-imidazole derivatives with Antiproliferative activity against Melanoma cell lines이정헌; 김환; 유하나, et al
2015-09Discovery of a broad spectrum antiproliferative agent with selectivity for DDR1 kinase: cell line-based assay, kinase panel, molecular docking, and toxicity studiesAhmed Mahammed Elkamhawy; 박정은; 조남철, et al
2015-12Discovery of Inhibitors That Overcome the G1202R Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Resistance MutationJohn M. Hatcher; Magda Bahcall; Hwan Geun Choi, et al
2010-04Discovery of N-hydroxyl urea derivatives as b-raf kinase inhibitors이강진; 정희정; 이종국, et al
2012-01Discovery of Potent and Selective Covalent Inhibitors of JNKTinghu Zhang; Francisco Inesta-Vaquera; Mario Niepel, et al