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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-07A Novel Interactive Mouse System for Holistic Haptic Display in a Human-Computer Interface경기욱; 권동수; 양기훈
2005-05Development of an Integrated Mouse Type Tactile Display System경기욱; 손승우; 양기훈, et al
2008-10Effect of Temperature in Perceiving Tactile Stimulus using a Thermo-tactile Display양기훈; 권동수
2010-05Field Robot Teleoperation via Vibrotactile User Interface양기훈; 이우섭; 강성철, et al
2008-06KAT II: Tactile Display Mouse for Providing Tactile and Thermal Feedback양기훈; 권동수
2010-10Phantom Sensation of the Fingertip and Palm for Vibrotactile Display,T-Hive양기훈; 류동석; 강성철
2006-05Quantitative Tactile Display Device with Pin-Array Type Tactile Feedback and Thermal Feedback양기훈; 경기욱; M. A. Srinivasan, et al
2008-08SaLT: Small and Lightweight Tactile Display using Ultrasonic Actuators김승찬; 김종희; 양태헌, et al
2012-04Sensory Saltation and Phantom Sensation for Vibrotactile Display of Spatial and Directional Information양기훈; 류동석; 박신석, et al
2009-03Small and Lightweight Tactile Display(SaLT) and Its Application김승찬; 김종희; 양기훈, et al
2009-01Spatial acuity and summation on the hand: The role of thermal cues in material discrimination양기훈; 권동수; Lynette A. Jones
2010-11Spring-clutch and Safety Strategy for Safe Manipulation홍성훈; 최동은; 양기훈, et al
2009-05T-hive : Vibrotactile Interface Presenting Spatial Information on Handle Surface류동석; 양기훈; 강성철
2012-12T-Hive: Bilateral Haptic Interface Using Vibrotactile Cues for Presenting Spatial Information류동석; 양기훈; 강성철
2010-10T-Mobile: Vibrotactile Display Pad with Spatial and Directional Information for Hand-held Device양기훈; 진문섭; 진연섭, et al
2005-07Tactile feedback in tangible space윤승국; 강성철; 양기훈, et al
2008-02Use of Simulated Thermal Cues for Material Discrimination and Identification with a Multi-Fingered Display양기훈; Lynette A. Jones; 권동수
2011-06Vibrotactile Display for Hand-held Devices and Its Preferable Pattern Generation양기훈; 진연섭; 진문섭, et al
2009-03Vibrotactile Display for Hand-held Input Device Providing Spatial and Directional Information양기훈; 류동석; 강성철
2010-03-12적외선 센서 및 이를 이용한 감지 방법강성철; 양기훈; 엄두간, et al
2010-11-08전시용 로봇 및 그 제어 방법강성철; 권태범; 양기훈, et al
2009-05-14진동촉각장치 및 이를 이용한 진동 방법류동석; 강성철; 양기훈
2010-07-29진동햅틱 모바일기기 및 그 구동방법류동석; 강성철; 양기훈, et al
2009-05-20촉각을 전달하는 디스플레이 시스템 및 그 운영방법강성철; 류동석; 양기훈
2008-09-24촉감 제시 장치 및 이를 이용한 촉감 제시 방법강성철; 권동수; 김승찬, et al
2006-12-21촉감과 냉온감을 동시에 전달하는 촉감 디스플레이 장치강성철; 경기욱; 권동수, et al