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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-121,4-Dioxane-fused 4-anilinoquinazoline as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 박용규; 서선희, et al
2002-05[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 양범석; 이용섭
2002-02[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 양범석; 이용섭
2001-06-284-(페닐아미노)-[1,4]디옥사노[2,3-g]퀴나졸린 유도체 및그의 제조방법박호군; 서선희; 양범석, et al
2002-127-substituted-[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 박용규; 서선희, et al
2009-01Actinomycin D Identified as an Inhibitor of Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 Interaction with Collagen through an Insect Cell Based Screening of a Drug Compound LibraryKauser Siddiqui; 김건웅; 이동훈, et al
2007-12Activation of DDR2 involved in atheroscrelosis by oxidative stress양경미; 양범석
2005-12Adiponectin induces growth arrest and apoptosis of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell강지현; 이윤영; 유병연, et al
2005-09Biochemical mechanism of obesity and its relation to human diseases associated with aging양범석
2008-11Biological mechanism to control skin regeneration and scar formation양범석; 이남택
2001-10CDK 저해제 개발 연구의 의의와 전망양범석; 이철훈
2006-12Current trends of research to overcome osteoarthritis양범석
2006-09-11DDR2 단백질의 티로신 키나아제 활성 저해 화합물양범석; 양경미; 김해종, et al
2015-04Defective Ca(2+) binding in a conserved binding site causes incomplete N-glycan processing and endoplasmic reticulum trapping of discoidin domain receptors판트롱낫; 이린옹; 박선영, et al
2001-03Isolation of virus-cell fusion inhibitory components from Eugenia caryophyllata김형자; 이지선; 우은란, et al
2000-04Isolation of virus-cell fusion inhibitory compounds from Eugenia caryophyllata김형자; 이지선; 우은란, et al
2012-03LCB 03-0110, a novel pan-discoidin domain receptor/c-Src family tyrosine kinase inhibitor, suppresses scar formation by inhibiting fibroblast and macrophage activationXiaoyan Sun; 낫트롱판; 정승희, et al
2013-09Low Stability and a Conserved N-Glycosylation Site Are Associated with Regulation of the Discoidin Domain Receptor Family by Glucose via Post-Translational N-Glycosylation판트롱낫; 이린옹; 선쇼앤, et al
2006-08Molecular mechanisms underlying the link of obesity to chronic diseases김도훈; 양범석
2006-10Natural compounds from danshen suppress the activity of hepatic stellate cells오성환; 조경환; 양범석, et al
2004-09Novel platinum complexes having chirality and free tertiary amine groups for multiple interactions with DNA서미숙; 손연수; 양범석, et al
2004-03N´-(phenyl-pyridin-2-yl-methylene)-hydrazine carbodithioic acid methyl ester enhances radiation-induced cell death by targeting Bcl-2 against human lung carcinoma cells박종국; 정영민; 김병규, et al
2008-03QM and Pharmacophore based 3D-QSAR of MK886 Analogues against mPGES-1파샤; 무다사; 정환원, et al
2018-09Quercetin Shows the Pharmacological Activity to Simultaneously Downregulate the Inflammatory and Fibrotic Responses to Tissue Injury in Association with its Ability to Target Multi-Kinases양범석; 도 빈 트렁; 송주용
2004-09Recent New Trends of Anticancer Drug Therapy양범석
2009-11Salvianolic Acid A Inhibits Scar Formation by Interfering with the Activation of Macrophage and Fibroblast김건웅; 김도훈; , et al
2014-08Single nucleotide polymorphisms in fibroblast growth factor 23 gene, FGF23, are associated with prostate cancer riskHae Jong Kim; Kyeoung-Hwa Kim; Jaehyouk Lee, et al
1999-06Synthesis and biological activities of C-2, N-9 substituted 6-benzylaminopurine derivatives as cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor오창현; 이수철; 이기수, et al
2005-10Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Bis(methoxymethyl)-7,8-dihydro-[1,4]dioxino[2,3-g]quinazolines as EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors이용섭; 서선희; 양범석, et al
2007-07Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Furo[2,3-d]pyrimidines as Akt1 kinase Inhibitors김세영; 김동진; 양범석, et al