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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-11A Bio-inspired Approach for Autonomous Service Components Configuration in Dynamic Environments염기원; 이중호; 박지형
2003-10A context-aware system for ubiquitous environment as a research guide.박지형; 염기원; 김성주
2004-12A Context-aware System in Ubiquitous Environment: a Research Guide박지형; 이승수; 김성주, et al
2007-07A Development of Graphical Interface for Decision Making Process Including Real-time Consistency Evaluation이중호; 염기원; 박지형
1998-05A distributed simulation using mobile agents박지형; 염기원; 이홍철
2006-11A Graphical Method for Priority Setting using Real-time Calculation Algorithm in Design Process이중호; 염기원; 박지형
2003-07A networked electronic commerce using mobile agents.염기원; 박지형
2008-05A Sentence Reduction Method using Part-of-Speech Information and Templates이승수; 염기원; 박지형, et al
2006-10A Tour Guide System Based on a Context-Aware in Ubiquitous Environment박지형; 이승수; 김성주, et al
1999-01A virtual manufacturing system for the integration of process planning and scheduling박지형; 염기원
1997-11A virtual manufacturing systme for the integration of process planning and scheduling박지형; 염기원
2005-12An Approach of Information Extraction from Web Documents for Automatic Ontology Generation염기원; 박지형
2006-08An Artificial Immune System Model for Multi Agents based Resource Discovery in Distributed Environment염기원; 박지형
2006-07An Evolutionary Approach for Dynamic Reconfiguration in Heterogeneous Database Schema염기원; 박지형
2005-12An Immune System Inspired Approach of Collaborative Intrusion Detection System Using Mobile Agents in Wireless Ad Hoc Network염기원; 박지형
2003-08An information access mechanism for a context-aware system by situated interaction in ubiquitous computing environment like museum.염기원; 박지형
2006-05An Overview of Intelligent Responsive Space in Tangible Space Initiative Technology박지형; 염기원; 하성도, et al
2003-07Architecture of context awareness information system for ubiquitous environment as an exhibition guide.염기원; 박지형
2010-09Artificial Morphogenesis for Arbitrary Shape Generation of Swarms of Multi Agents염기원; 박지형
2010-09Bio-Inspired Adaptive Framework Enabling Self-Organization and Management for Distributed Modular Agents염기원; 박지형
2009-10Bio-inspired Self-Organization for Supporting Dynamic Reconfiguration of Modular Agents염기원; 박지형
2010-12Bio-inspired Self-Organization for Supporting Dynamic Reconfiguration of Modular Agents염기원
2009-10Bio-inspired Self-Organizing Architecture for Distributed Components염기원; 박지형
2010-08Bio-inspired Self-Reconfigurable Architecture for Mobile Agents in Distributed and Networked Environments염기원; 박지형
2006-07Biologically inspired Evolutionary Agent Systems in Dynamic Environments염기원; 박지형
2009-07Gesture-based Interface for Connection and Control of Multi-Device in a Tabletop Display Environment이형래; 정희석; 이중호, et al
1999-05Information search mechanism by comparison of meta knowledge and resource in the web염기원; 박지형
2008-03Intelligent and Responsive Spaces: Integrated Design of Ambient Physical Spaces and Information Spaces박지형; 염기원; 이중호
1999-02Internet based mobile agents for data sharing in the distributed manufacturing system염기원; 박지형
2011-01Mobiature: 3D Model Manipulation Technique for Large Displays Using Mobile Devices윤동욱; 이중호; 염기원, et al