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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-03Ammonolysis of Ga2O3 and its application to the sublimation source for the growth of GaN film박용주; 오청식; 염태호, et al
1994-01Effect of multilayered SrS-SrS:Ce-SrS phosphor by multi-source deposition on the thin film electroluminescence devices주병권; 염태호; 조성호, et al
1999-09Electrical characteristics of the native oxide formed by using anodic oxidation with thermal treatment이주식; 박용주; 손맹호, et al
2002-03Ga ₂ O ₃의 질화기구연구오청식; 박용주; 김은규, et al
1993-01Instability study of TFELD with the electron-beam evaporated ZnS:Tb, F layer주병권; 염태호; 조성호, et al
1993-01Luminescence and EPR studies of SrS:Pr, F TFELD주병권; 염태호; 조성호, et al
1994-01Mn2+ EPR center in ZnS:Mn powder and thin films주병권; 송만호; 염태호, et al
1996-11Mn2+ EPR characterization of thin film electroluminescent devices염태호; 이수형; 이윤희, et al
1999-01Nuclear magnetic relaxation studies of **6**9Ga, **7 ¹ Ga, and **7**5As nuclei in GaAS single crystals doped with paramagnetic impurities.염태호; 김인규; 조성호, et al
1994-06Observation of Cr**3**+ electron paramagnetic resonance center in GaAs co-doped with Cr and In.박용주; 염태호; 민석기, et al
1995-06Role of Cr in a GaAs crystal for obtaining a semi-insulating property.박용주; 민석기; 박일우, et al
1993-01The effects of RF-magnetron sputtered BaTiO3 thin film on ZnS:Mn TFEL device송만호; 염태호; 주병권, et al
1993-01전자빔 증착법으로 형성한 ZnS:Tb,F 박막형 EL 소자의 동작 특성과 불안정성의 공정의존성에 관한 연구주병권; 염태호; 조성호, et al