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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-023D QSAR pharmacophore model based on diverse IKKβ inhibitors샨티; 아시프; 추현아, et al
2011-05Discovery of piperidinyl aminopyrimidine derivatives as IKK-2 inhibitors김소라; 정진교; 이효선, et al
2012-09Discovery of potent and selective rhodanine type IKKβ inhibitors by hit-to-lead strategy송혜승; 이윤석; 노은주, et al
2002-09Effect of calcination conditions on MoO3/SiO3 catalysts for synthesis of methylphenyl carbonate오광석; 이병권; 한만석, et al
2010-10IKKβ inhibitor identification: a multi-filter driven novel scaffold샨티; 추현아; 조용서, et al
2010-09IKKβ inhibitor identification: a novel multi-filter driven scaffold샨티; 추현아; 조용서, et al
2009-04IKKβ inhibitors identification part I: Homology model assisted structure based virtual screening샨티; 무니크말레디; 추현아, et al
2010-06IKKβ inhibitors identification part II: Ligand and structure-based virtual screening샨티; 추현아; 조용서, et al
2004-10Preparation of zinc oxide nano particles with supercritical fluids오광석; 이창하; 김재덕, et al
2005-08Reactive Precipitation of Zinc Oxide in Supercritical Fluids이한호; 오광석; 김재덕, et al
2015-11Synthesis and Biologicak Evaluation of 2-Phenylimino-5((5-phenylfuran-2-yl)methylene)thiazolidin-4-ones as IKK2 inhibitors김희숙; 신민재; 이병호, et al
2001-04Synthesis of diphenyl carbonate from dimethyl carbonate and phenol오광석; 이병권; 한만석, et al
2001-10Synthesis of diphenyl carbonate from dimethyl carbonate and phenol over Mo-based catalysts오광석; 이병권; 한만석, et al
2002-10Transesterifieation between methanol and ethylene carbonate using K/MgO as heterogeneous catalyst한만석; 오광석; 이병권, et al
2002-10-21칼륨 담지 촉매를 이용한 디메틸카보네이트의 제조방법안병성; 오광석; 이병권, et al