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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-013-dimensional analysis on the spray forming mechanism of billet.여동훈; 석현광; 오규환, et al
1996-013-Dimensional forming model of rod in spray forming method이호인; 석현광; 여동훈, et al
2005-06A Comparative Study of Two Shear Deforming Processes in Texture Evolution한준현; 윤진국; 박종우, et al
1995-01A study on plate forming model in spray forming precess.석현광; 여동훈; 오규환, et al
1992-11A study on the microstructure of spray formed Al-Fe alloys오규환; 김원태; 이호인
1996-01A study on the shape control of billet in spray forming method.석현광; 오규환; 신돈수, et al
1998-03A three-dimensional model of the spray forming method석현광; 여동훈; 오규환, et al
1991-08Acceleration of aging kinetics in SiCw reinforced Al-Cu-Mg metal matrix composites김태수; 오규환; 이호인, et al
2013-09Adhesion behavior of mouse liver cancer cells on nanostructured superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces고태준; 김은경; So Nagashima, et al
2002-05An experimental study of the influence of imperfections on the buckling of compressed thin films문명운; 정진원; 이광렬, et al
2002-10An Study of Influence of Imperfections on the Delamination of Diamond-like Carbon Films문명운; 이광렬; 정진원, et al
2015-04Biofunctionalized Ceramic with Self-Assembled Networks of Nanochannel장해린; 이근호; 강찬순, et al
2012-09Bioinspired steel surfaces with extreme wettability contrast허은규; 고태준; 이광렬, et al
2004-05Buckle Delamination on Patterned Substrates문명운; 이광렬; 오규환, et al
2003-05Carbon nanotube growth enhanced by nitrogen incorporation김태영; 이광렬; 은광용, et al
2009-07Catalytic effect of titanium nitride nanopowder on hydrogen desorption properties of NaAlH4 and its stability in NaAlH4김지우; 심재혁; 김슬참, et al
2008-03Characteristic of silver doped DLC films on surface properties and protein adsorption최헌웅; Reinhold H. Dauskard; 이승철, et al
2007-05Controlled Formation of nanoscale Wrinkling Patterns on Polymers using Focused Ion Beam문명운; 이상훈; 선정윤, et al
2010-03Core shell structure for solid gas synthesis of LiBD4O. Friedrichs; 김지우; A. Remhof, et al
2009-02Crystallization and memory programming characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe materials of varying Sb:Te ratio정증현; 이현석; 이수연, et al
2003-08Crystallographic evolution in aluminum single crystal during in-situ tensile deformation.한준현; Dong-Ik Kim; 지광구, et al
2004-10Deformation Behavior Analysis in ECAP Using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Formulation한준현; 장형준; 윤진국, et al
2016-10Dehydrogenation Reaction Kinetics of the LiBH4-YH3 Composite Promoted by Various Inert Gas Atmospheres조영환; 심재혁; 최인석, et al
2015-05Dehydrogenation Reaction Pathway of the LiBH4-MgH2 Composite under Various Pressure Conditions김기범; 심재혁; 박소현, et al
2010-08Development of Superhydrophobic Surfaces on Dual Rough Structures using hydrophobic coating허은규; 차태곤; 신봉수, et al
2007-04Device Characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe Material System for Phase Change Random Access Memory정증현; 이수연; 우철, et al
2007-12Directed Assembly of fluidic networks by buckle delamination of films on patterned substrates문명운; Seok Chung; 이광렬, et al
2009-04EBSD를 이용한 IF강의 in-situ 재결정 거동 고찰김동익; 김주헌; 오규환
2006-10EBSD를 이용한 세멘타이트 포함 철강 재료의 분석김동익; 김태창; 김현종, et al
2004-12Effect of accumulative strain on texture evolution in 1050 Al alloys processed by continuous confined strip shearing한준현; 오규환; 이재철