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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-063D electromagnetic field analysis of cold crucible by finite element method.정순효; 조영환; 오영주, et al
1997-053D numerical analysis on electromagnetic and fluid dynamic phenomena in a soft contact electromagnetic slab caster차필영; 황윤성; 윤종규, et al
1996-12A study on the high frequency inductor for the surface shape control of the liquid metal (I).오영주; 강경하; 정순효, et al
1993-10A study on the manufacturing technology of ultrafine metal particles by the plasma-metal reaction method.오영주; 정순효
1993-01A study on the vacuum induction melting of rene 80 alloy (I) : deoxidation and denitriding.오영주; 정순효
1993-11A study on the vacuum induction melting of rene 80 alloy (II) : desulfurization and variation of carbon content.오영주; 정순효
2000-12Acicular ferrite microstructure in titanium bearing low carbon steels서진유; 변정수; 심재혁, et al
2004-10Analysis of ionic equilibria and electrowinning of indium from chloride solutions이만승; 오영주
2003-07Application of the electroless plating method to the fabrication of metallic bus electrodes of PDP.오영주; 정원용
1993-01Carbothermic reduction of tantalum oxide and refining of tantalum by Ar-H//2 arc plasma.변지영; 오영주; 정순효, et al
2000-10Characteristics of inclusions and precipitates in low carbon steels이상윤; 양원오; 오영주, et al
2005-01Chemical Equilibria in a Mixed Solution of Nickel and Cobalt Chloride이만승; 오영주
2003-05Chemical model of the FeCl₃-HCl-H₂O solutions at 25℃이만승; 안종관; 오영주
1998-04Design of cold crucible and melting of titanium정순효; 김경태; 조영환, et al
1995-10Development of a three dimensional numerical simulation program for the analysis of electromagnetic processing of metals using cold crucible.정순효; 오영주; 조영환, et al
2004-03Effect of a Reciprocating Paddle on the Electrodeposit Uniformity of Patterned Cathodes오영주; 정순효
2003-08Effect of Additives on Deposition Rate and Stability of Electroless Black Ni-Zn-P Plating오영주; 황경진; 정원용, et al
2002-06Effect of pulse plating on hardness of brass-alumina nanocomposite오영주; 안재우; 안종관, et al
2002-06Effect of pulse plating on the hardness and ductility of electroplated Fe-C오영주; 하헌필; 변정수
2004-05Effect of Temperature on Equilibria in Synthetic Sulfuric Acid Leaching Solution of Zinc Calcine이만승; 이경주; 오영주
2001-10Effects of electromagnetic vibration on solidification structure of Al-Si alloys이준수; 오영주; 조영환, et al
2001-01Effects of Si and Al on acicular ferrite formation in C-Mn steel심재혁; 변정수; 조영환, et al
2002-03Effects of titanium and oxygen content on microstructure in low carbon steels이상윤; 오영주; 이경우
2002-11Enhancement of the yield of high-quality ingots in the zone-melting growth of p-type bismuth telluride alloys.하헌필; 현도빈; 변지영, et al
2004-04Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties and Ionic Equilibria of Cobalt Chloride Solution at 298 K이만승; 오영주
2001-07Ferrite nucleation potency of non-metallic inclusions in medium carbon steels심재혁; 오영주; 서진유, et al
2003-08Fluid flow and heat transfer in a DC arc furnace - Molten steel region (II)정순효; 변지영; 오영주
2003-08Fluid flow and heat transfer in a DC arc furnace - plasma region (I)정순효; 변지영; 오영주
2000-08Hot deformation and acicular ferrite microstructure in C-Mn steel containing Ti₂O₃ inclusions심재혁; Jung-Soo Byun; 조영환, et al