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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-01AES Analysis of Au, Au/Cr, Au/Ni/Cr and Au/Pd/Cr Thin Films by the Change of Substrate Temperature and Annealing Temperature유광수; 정형진
2003-07Characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic-polymer composites by fabrication고현필; 김상식; 정경근, et al
1992-01Characteristics of the ceramic filter using 0.05Pb(A2/3W1/3)O3-0.95Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 ceramic system김남진; 윤석진; 유광수, et al
2004-01Characterization of PMW-PZT Thick Films Prepared by Screen Printing Method손진호; 김용범; 천채일, et al
2014-02Chemiresistive Sensor Array Based on Semiconducting Metal Oxides for Environmental Monitoring문희규; 한수덕; 강민규, et al
1996-01Complex impedance spectra of Li0.5La0.5TiO3-based ionic conductors유광수; 이종숙; 김태송
2007-04Effect of MnO2 on piezoelectric properties of PSN-PZT ceramics for piezoelectric actuator applications최정운; 송건화; 김한지, et al
2004-04Effect of Sol Infiltration Method on electrical properties of PMW-PZT thick films prepared by screen printing김용범; 천채일; 유광수, et al
1999-07Effect of the microstructure on the NOx gas-sensing characteristics of WO3 thin-film sensors유광수; 오용주; 김태송, et al
1993-01Electrical Properties of Semiconducting VO₂-based Critical Temperature Sensors유광수; 김종만; 정형진
1997-01Evaluation of the ac response of Li-electrolyte pervoskites Li0.5(LnxLa0.5-x) TiO3(Ln=Nd.Gd) in conjunction with their crystallographic and microstructural characteristics이종숙; 정형진; 유광수, et al
2010-11Fabrication and characterization of cuff type flexible sensor with Pt, Ir and IrOx films정정환; 이수현; 강지윤, et al
1995-01Fabrication and gas-sensing characteristics of NOx sensors using WO3 thin films유광수; 김태송; 정형진
2001-12Gas-sensing charateristics of WO₃-SnO₂ Thin-film sensors유광수; 김태송
2015-07Highly Sensitive H2S Sensor Based on the Metal-Catalyzed SnO2 Nanocolumns Fabricated by Glancing Angle Deposition유광수; 한수덕; 문희규, et al
2000-06Humidity-sensitive characteristics of MgCr₂O₄-based thin-film humidity sensors편영미; 김태송; 유광수
1994-01(LaS)χ CrS3(χ~1.20)의 결정구조와 자기적 특성정형진; 유광수; 조남웅
1992-01MOCVD PbTiO//3 박막의 특성에 관한 연구 .정형진; 송한상; 최두진, et al
2014-09Nonvolatile Resistance Switching on Two-dimensional Electron gas정진관; 김신익; 문선영, et al
2013-08Oxygen Vacancy Effects of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in SrTiO3/KNbO3 Hetero Structure최우성; 강민규; 도영호, et al
1993-01Preparation and Permeation Characteristics of Alumina Composite Membranes by CVD and Evaporation-Oxidation Process안상욱; 최두진; 현상훈, et al
2000-01Sensing characteristics of dc reactive sputtered WO3 thin films as an NOx gas sensor김태송; 김용범; 유광수, et al
1999-07Sensing characteristics of WOx films deposited by r.f. sputtering for NOx gas sensor김태송; 윤영수; 김용범, et al
1985-01Sensitivity Characteristics on the Composition Change of the Gas Sensing Materials based on In2O3 Semiconductor정형진; 유광수
1997-01The sensing characteristics of WO//3 thin films for NOx gas detection with the change of deposition method김태송; 정형진; 김용범, et al
1994-01비정합 결정구조를 갖는 (LaS) χ VS//2( χ -1.18) 의 결정구조적 특성연구 .정형진; 유광수; 조남웅
1994-01초이온 전도체 β -Ag//3SI 의 단결정 육성 및 결정구조 해석 .정형진; 유광수; 조남웅