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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01Abnormal grain growth in a liquid matrix.박영준; 윤덕용; Nong Moon Hwang
1996-09Abnormal growth of faceted (WC) grains in a (Co) liquid matrix.박영준; 윤덕용; Nong Moon Hwang
1996-01Abnormal growth of faceted grains in liquid matrix.박영준; 윤덕용; Nong Moon Hwang
2000-05Activated sintering of nickel-doped tungsten approach by grain boundary structural transition황농문; 박영준; 김도연, et al
1988-01Anomalous growth of the complex carbide phase in carbon-deficient WC-Co hard metal during the infiltration of eutectic liquid.박종구; 은광용; 윤덕용
1986-01Chemically induced migration of liquid films and grain boundaries in Mo-Ni-(Fe) alloy.백영준; 윤덕용
1990-01Chemically induced recrystallization in Mo-Ni-(Cu-Fe) alloy.백영준; 박영호; 윤덕용
1988-01Coherency Strain Effect on Discontinuous Precipitation윤덕용; 이광렬
1988-01Coherency strain effect on discontinuous preciptation이광렬; 윤덕용
1991-01Densification behaviors of WC-Co hard metals during liquid phase sintering박종구; 은광용; 윤덕용
1992-01Formation of bridges between diamond particles during sintering in molten cobalt matrix박종구; M. Akaishi; S. Yamaoka, et al
1993-01Grain boundary migration with precipitation and dissolution of a liquid phase in Mo-Ni alloy.백영준; 윤덕용; 이원혁
1985-01Liquid flow into the interior of W-Ni-Fe compacts during liquid phase sintering김영석; 박종구; 윤덕용
1995-01Metallographic etching of polycrystalline diamond films by reaction with metal.이욱성; 백영준; 은광용, et al
1989-05Microstructural change during liquid phase sintering of W-Ni-Fe alloy박종구; 강석중; 은광용, et al
1985-01Migration of liquid film and grain boundary in Mo-Ni induced by temperature change.백영준; 윤덕용
2005-09Roughening of the interface between grains and liquid matrix in sintered TaC-20Ni조영규; 최정훈; 박종구, et al
1995-01Temperature dependence of abnormal growth of faceted grains in a liquid matrix.박영준; 윤덕용; 박찬우
1987-01The coherency strain effect on the direction of chemically induced liquid film migration in Mo-Ni alloy.백영준; 윤덕용
1990-01The discontinuous precipitation of a liquid phase in Mo-Ni induced by diffusional coherency strain.백영준; 윤덕용
1987-01The effect of curvature on the grain boundary migration induced by diffusional coherency strain in Mo-Ni alloy.백영준; 윤덕용
1993-01The effect of elastic anisotropy on the migration of intergranular liquid films and the precipitation of a liquid phase in a Co-Cu alloy.백영준; 윤덕용; Jin Kon Kim
1992-01니켈계 초내열합금에서 γ '- 석출상의 평형모양 및 성장모양 .최주; 윤덕용; 유영수, et al