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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07A colorimetric probe to determine Ni2+ using silver nano prisms이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2021-01A dual colorimetric probe for rapid environmental monitoring of Hg2+ and As3+ using gold nanoparticles functionalized with D-penicillamine이강봉; 오인환; 이연희, et al
2019-06Application of fluorescent CdSe@ZnS quantum dots as a hydrogen peroxide sensor and live cell imaging이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2021-06Colorimetric Aptasensor for Detecting Bacillus carboniphilus Using Aptamer Isolated with a Non-SELEX-Based Method이강봉; 김병찬; 김호경, et al
2019-11Colorimetric detection of arsenic and mercury ions based on the d-penicillamine induced aggregation of gold nanoparticles이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2019-12Colorimetric probe for Ni2+ based on shape transformation of triangular silver nanoprisms upon H2O2 etching이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
2020-10Development of a colorimetric detection method of chlorine dioxide ions using recyclable concave cubic gold nanoparticles이강봉; 남윤식; 박하나, et al
2017-11Highly Selective Colorimetric Assay of Cu2+ Ions by Silver Nanoparticles Conjugated with 1-(2-mercaptoethyl)-1,3,5-Triazinane-2,4,6-Trione이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
2017-05Highly selective colorimetric sensor based on a thiol-functionalized cyanuric acid and silver nanoparticles for detection of copper (II) in aqueous solution이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2019-07Highly sensitive and selective dual sensor for arsenic ion and mercury ions determination based on gold nanoparticles conjugated with d-penicillamine이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2021-03Highly sensitive colorimetric determination of nitrite based on the selective etching of concave gold nanocubes이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
2018-10Quantum dots-based fluorescence sensor for sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2017-10sequential colorimetric dtection technology of iron and mercury ions by etching and aggregation of gold nanorods이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2021-03Tetraphenylethene-based fluorescent probe with aggregation-induced emission behavior for Hg2+ detection and its application이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식, et al
2016-08visual detection of cu ion by fuctionalized silver nanopartilces in aqueous solution이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진, et al