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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-01Cenotoxicity Study of Bojungchisup-tang, an Oriental Herbal Decoction-/n Vitro Chromosome aberration assay in chinese hamster lung cells and InVivo supravital-staining micronucleus assay with mouse peripheral reticulocytes류재천; 김경란; 김현주, et al
1998-01Comparison study of genotoxic spectrum of chemicals in vitro and in vivo : mouse lymphoma tk**+**/**- gene forward mutation assay and supravital in vivo micronucleus assay.김경란; 김현주; 윤지윤, et al
1998-01Copper-mediated enhancement of salsolinol-induced DNA strand scission and genotoxicity.정연주; 윤지윤; 류재천, et al
1999-01Copper-mediated enhancement of salsolinol-induced DNA strand scission and genotoxicity.류재천; 정연주; 윤지윤, et al
1996-01Evaluation of the genetic toxicity of synthetic chemicals (II), a pyrethroid insecticide, fenpropathrin.류재천; 김경란; 류은경, et al
1999-04Genotoxic spectra of salsolinol, a dopaminergic isoquinoline neurotoxin최윤정; 윤지윤; 이희경, et al
1999-01Genotoxic spectra of salsolinol, a dopaminergic isoquinoline neurotoxin.류재천; 윤지윤; 최윤정, et al
1998-01Mutation spectrum in lac I gene of transgenic big blue cell line following to short term exposure 4-nitroguinoline N-oxide류재천; 윤지윤; 조경혜, et al
1998-01Mutation spectrum of 4-Nitroquinoline N-Oxide in lac/ gene of transgenic Big Blue cell line윤지윤; 장일무; 류재천
1999-01Mutation spectrum of 4-nitroquinoline N-oxide in lacI transgenic Big Blue Rat2 cell line류재천; 윤지윤; 김연정, et al
1998-04p53-dependent apoptosis induced by mild hyperthermia in human lymphoid cells장일무; 서영록; Martin L. Smith, et al
1998-01Transgenic mutagenesis assay to elucidate the mechanism of mutation at gene level류재천; 윤지윤; 조경혜, et al