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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-10A study on compressive strength after impact(CAI) of hybrid composites임순호; 이건웅; 김준경, et al
2005-07Comparisons of thermal properties between inorganic filler and acid-treated multiwall nanotube/polymer composites이건웅; 이재익; 이상수, et al
1996-08Compressive strength after impact of hybrid composites.이건웅; 이기준; 임순호, et al
2005-06Effect of Carbon Nanotube Pre-treatment on Dispersion and Electrical Properties of Melt Mixed Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes / Poly(methyl methacrylate) Composites박원기; 김중현; 이상수, et al
2004-06Effect of lubricants on the physical properties of PBT김효갑; 김준경; 임순호, et al
2002-11Effect of mixing process on the wear properties of UHMWPE/kaolin composite기남; 이건웅; 윤호규, et al
2003-04Effect of shear stress on electrical and thermal conductivity of metal-filled polymeric materials이건웅; 김준경; 박민
2002-09Effect of shear stress on the viscosity and electrical conductivity for the metal-filled composite materials이건웅; 최동욱; 이상수, et al
2003-11Effect of silane coupling agents with different organo-functional groups on the interfacial shear strength of glass fiber/Nylon 6 composites윤석향; 조동환; 김준경, et al
2006-03Effect of Transesterification on the Physical Properties of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Blends김효갑; 김준경; 임순호, et al
2004-03Effects of fiber surface-treatment and sizing on the dynamic mechanical and interfacial properties of carbon/nylon 6 composites조동환; 윤석향; 김준경, et al
2006-05Enhanced thermal conductivity of polymer composites filled with hybrid filler이건웅; 박민; 김준경, et al
2014-01Improved transfer of chemical-vapor-deposited graphene through modification of intermolecular interactions and solubility of poly(methylmethacrylate) layers정희진; 김호영; 정승렬, et al
2004-02Influence of silane coupling agents on the interlaminar and thermal properties of woven glass fabric/nylon 6 composites조동환; 윤숙향; 김준경, et al
2003-04Mechanical properties and failure mechanism of the polymer composite with 3-dimensionally stitched woven fabric이건웅; 최중식; 이상수, et al
2005-11Processing characteristics of nylon 6 by controlling of melt viscosity김효갑; 김준경; 임순호, et al
2016-02Sheet Size-Induced Evaporation Behaviors of Inkjet-Printed Graphene Oxide for Printed Electronics임정아; 김해나; 장정인, et al
2004-10Stress-strain behavior and electrical resistivity of conductive silver particle/silicone composite pastes with surface modification이건웅; 방대석; 박민, et al
1996-01Studies on the design and compression after impact test of hybrid compsites.이건웅; 이기준; 임순호, et al
1998-02Study on the resin flow in the sadwich structure using resin infusion process최중식; 김대흠; 이건웅, et al
2002-08Transverse flow and process modeling on the polymer composite with 3-dimensionally stitched woven fabric이건웅; 이상수; 박민, et al
2003-09-08굴절률 분포형 고분자 광섬유 모재 및 이의 제조방법김준경; 박민; 박찬용, et al
2003-07-26내마모성이 향상된 무기입자 충전 초고분자량 폴리에틸렌조성물 및 그의 제조방법곽순종; 구자교; 기남, et al
2004-08-02도전성 고분자 복합필름 및 그 제조방법권성진; 김준경; 박민, et al
2001-07-09도전성 실리콘 페이스트김준경; 박민; 이건웅, et al
2001-10-31도포형 실리콘 페이스트를 이용한 현장성형 방식의 전자파차폐 방법김준경; 박민; 이건웅, et al
2003-12-10반응 압출 공정을 이용한 고분자 / 클레이 나노복합재의제조방법김준경; 박민; 박정훈, et al
2002-12-28유기-무기 나노복합재료 및 아미노실란 전구체를 이용한이의 제조방법김준경; 박민; 박정훈, et al
2003-06-20폴리에스터/클레이 나노 복합 재료 및 그 제조방법김준경; 마영태; 박민, et al
2004-04-28하이브리드 무기입자 충전재를 포함하는 열전도성 물질 및이의 제조방법김준경; 박민; 윤호규, et al