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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02A polymeric conjugate foreignizing tumor cells for targeted immunotherapy in vivo이영호; 윤홍열; 신정민, et al
2012-01Apigenin inhibits adipocyte differentiation through a modulation of mitotic clonal expansion김미애; 강경수; 이경미, et al
1998-10cDNA cloning and expression of human rotavirus outer capsid protein VP7 in insect cells강두경; 김기완; 김평현, et al
2014-05Chikusetsusaponin IVa methyl ester (CME) induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis by regulation of the Wnt signalling pathway via differential mechanisms이경미; 윤지호; 이동화, et al
2015-04Chikusetsusaponin IVa methyl ester induces cell cycle arrest by the inhibition of nuclear translocation of b-catenin in HCT116 cells이경미; 윤지호; 이동화, et al
2014-05Curcumin Induces Apoptotic Cell Death through Inhibition of OCT4 and Wnt/β-catenin Signaling in NCCIT Cells윤지호; 박영균; 이경미, et al
2014-12Curcumin Induces Apoptotic Cell Death through Oct4 Inhibition and GSK-3β Activation in NCCIT Cells윤지호; 박영균; 이경미, et al
2015-06Curcumin induces apoptotic cell death via Oct4 inhibition and GSK-3βactivation in NCCIT cells윤지호; 박영균; 이경미, et al
2012-11Dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans, gomisins J and N inhibit the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in HCT116 cells강경수; 이경미; 유지혜, et al
2011-09Enzyme precipitate coatings of lipase on polymer nanofibers안효진; 이혜진; 전승현, et al
2012-11Ethanol-Dispersed Polymer Nanofi bers as a Highly Selective Cell Isolation and Release Platform for CD4 + T Lymphocytes전승현; 김광희; 안효진, et al
2012-11Gomisins J and N, Dibenzocyclooctadiene Lignans from the Fruit of Schisandra chinensis, Inhibit the Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway in HCT116 Cells강경수; 이경미; 유지혜, et al
2012-05Gymnasterkoreayne B induces activation of Nuclear factor-E2 (Nrf2) through phosphorylation by ERK1/2 and PKC kinase이경미; 강경수; 김미애, et al
2015-04In vivo ahsorption and disposition of alpha-cedrene, a sesquiterpene constituent of cedarwood oil, in female and male rats김태환; 유선동; 이혜숙, et al
2013-04Nuclear factor-E2 (Nrf2) is regulated through the differential activation of ERK1/2 and PKC α/βII by Gymnasterkoreayne B이경미; 강경수; 이샛별, et al
2009-12Pyrophosphate selective fluorescent chemosensors based on coumarin-DPA-Cu(II) complexes김민정; K. M. K. Swamy; 이경미, et al
2014-03Secretome Profiling Reveals the Signaling Molecules of Apoptotic HCT116 Cells Induced by the Dietary Polyacetylene Gymnasterkoreayne B강경수; 송대근; 이은하, et al
1988-01Simultaneous determinationof chemical ingredients in clay minerals by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.김영만; 이경미; 정찬이, et al
2014-12Sulforaphane increases the Nrf2 stability by a new LKB1-Nrf2 pathway이경미; 에르데네돌고르; 송대근, et al
2015-05Sulforaphane induces NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) protein expression mediated by liver kinase B1 (LKB1) through increasing its stability이경미; 에르데네돌고르; 송대근, et al
2016-02Synergistic Action of IL-8 and Bone Marrow Concentrate on Cartilage Regeneration Through Upregulation of Chondrogenic Transcription Factors김수현; 정영미; 김수희, et al
2017-10The activation of phase II enzymes by physalin A through p38/ERK1/2 pathway노주원; 이희주; 박지혜, et al
1990-01The simultaneous determination of chemical ingredients in silica minerals by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using matrix correction method.김영만; 최범석; 이경미, et al
1990-01XRF and XRD analysis of chemical ingredients in dielectric material (BaTiO//3).김영만; 김선태; 이경미, et al
2014-08Youngiaside A and C isolated from Youngia denticulatum Inhibits UVB-induced MMP Expression and Promotes Type-1 Procollagen Production through AMPK/Nrf2 Activation in HaCaT Cells and Human Dermal fibroblasts박영균; 김명석; 이희주, et al
2014-01-07신규한 다인다이올 화합물 및 이를 포함하는 항암 및 암예방용 조성물강경수; 김명석; 노주원, et al