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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-053D Reconstruction Method Based on Time-division Multiplexing using Multiple Depth Cameras강지훈; 이동수; 박민철, et al
2009-12-103차원 디스플레이 장치김성규; 윤선규; 이광훈
2011-04A method for taking a right scaled depth sense in multi-view autostereoscopy이광훈; 김성규
2011-01A right scaled depth sense formed by using a distorted objective space based on CG stereoscopy이광훈; 김동욱; 엄기문, et al
2007-08A study on compensation of disparity for incorrect 3D depth in the triple fresnel lenses floating image system이광훈; 김수호; 윤영수, et al
2012-09Analysis and compensation of distorted stereoscopic images due to the observer's viewing orientation김동욱; 이광훈; 윤선규, et al
2009-11Analysis on the cause inducing an uncorrected disparity and distorted depth information by the image distance in stereo camera system이광훈; 김동욱; 권용무, et al
2010-04Characteristics of diverging radial type stereoscopic cameraJung-Young Son; Seok-Won Yeom; 이동수, et al
2014-05Comparative Analysis of Techniques to Pick-up Hologram Data from Real Object이동수; 박민철; 손정영, et al
2014-05Compared of depth sense of an inter camera distance in stereo camera arrangement이동수; 박민철; 이광훈
2017-05Comparison of the different approaches to generate holograms from data acquired with a Kinect sensor박민철; 송진동; 강지훈, et al
2007-09Constraints for stereoscopic vision in stereo camera phone이광훈; Soo Ho Kim; Young Soo Yoon, et al
2012-08Crosstalk reduction in auto-stereoscopic projection 3D display system이광훈; 박영식; 이형, et al
2013-10Development of Multi-view Simulator for Mobile Display based on Augmented Reality for Providing an Optimum Viewing Zone이동수; 이광훈; 박민철
2011-06Distorted object space이광훈; 천성국; 김성규
2008-10Distortionless optimal stereoscopic image condition considering general viewing distance in the TV condition김동욱; 이광훈; 장은영, et al
2006-05Evaluation of spreading thermal resistance for heat generating multi-electronic components김윤호; 김서영; 이광훈
2014-11Gln-362 of Angiopoietin-2 Mediates Migration of Tumor and Endothelial Cells through Association with alpha 5 beta 1 Integrin오승자; 이효선; 이광훈, et al
2012-09Graphene-based nanocomposites이광훈; 이상수
2009-10Hypostereoscopic condition in mobile stereoscopy이광훈; 김동욱; 권용무, et al
2015-09Ice-templated Self-assembly of VOPO4-Graphene Nanocomposites for Vertically Porous 3D Supercapacitor Electrodes이광훈; 이영우; 이승우, et al
2012-11Identification, structural, and biochemical characterization of a group of large Csn2 proteins involved in CRISPR-mediated bacterial immunity이광훈; 이성규; 이경은, et al
2008-12Image Distortion and Its Correction Method according to Observer’s Rotation Movement in Stereoscopic Display김동욱; 이광훈; 김성규
2012-10Image Quality Assessment of Color Digital Holography최영선; 문성철; 이광훈, et al
2011-06Incorrect depth sense due to focused object distance이광훈; 이만정; 윤영수, et al
2013-10Innovative Method to Expand a Degree of Freedom of Observation in the Depth Direction without Losses of the Horizontal Number of Views in Autostereoscopic Multi-Views 3D Display System이광훈; 박민철
2008-08Key-factors in the Modified Parallel Type to Convert Toed-in Type Stereoscopy이광훈; 김동욱; 김성규
2013-11Layered Nanofiller-Reinforced Polyketone CompositesJuchul Lee; 이광훈; Daehum Kim, et al