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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06A bibliometric evaluation of research performance in different subject categories나인욱; 강대신; 이대희, et al
2009-08A Case Study of using Informetric Methods in R&D Strategic Planning and Research Performance Analysis in KIST강대신; 나인욱; 천호영, et al
2012-04Bacterial bioaerosol concentrations in public restroom environments이병욱; 홍인기; 이대희, et al
2013-07Ceria interlayer-free Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ-Sc0.1Zr0.9O1.95 composite cathode on zirconia based electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells이승오; 이대희; 정인용, et al
2014-02Characterizing nano-scale electrocatalysis during partial oxidation of methane이대희; 김동하; 김주선, et al
2014-09Co-planar single chamber solid oxide fuel cells with concentric electrodes이대희; 김주선; 문주호
2013-04Effect of Treatment with a Natural Extract of Mukdenia Rossii (Oliv) Koidz and Unipolar Ion Emission on the Antibacterial Performance of Air Filters이대희; 정재희; 이병욱
2012-10Electrospun Ni-Added SnO2-Carbon Nanofiber Composite Anode for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries김동하; 이대희; 김주선, et al
2010-01Functionally-graded composite cathodes for durable and high performance solid oxide fuel cells송화섭; 이승호; 이대희, et al
2004-08Fuzzy Front End Management Strategies under High Risk. Fast-Changing Environmental Conditions송용일; 이대희; 박성배, et al
2004-12Fuzzy front-end management strategies under high-risk and fast-changing environment송용일; 이대희; 박성배, et al
2010-03Generation characteristics of fungal spore and fragment bioaerosols by airflow control over fungal cultures이준현; 황기병; 정재희, et al
2015-09In Situ Grown Ni Nanoparticle Layers for High Performance Anodes in Solid Oxide Fule Cells탄재완; 이대희; 김주선, et al
2011-12Influence of reduced substrate shunting current on cell performance in integrated planar solid oxide fuel cells오건석; 김주선; 최선희, et al
2010-10Influence of water vapor on performance of co-planar single chamber solid oxide fuel cells이대희; 안성진; 김주선, et al
2012-06Knowledge Transmission Channels from University to industry: The Case of KoreaTae-Kyung Sung; Paul Sommers; Hyun-Dae Cho, et al
2005-06Korean Innovation Model: Towards a New Horizon최영락; 이대희; 송용일, et al
2013-12LSCM-YSZ nanocomposites for a high performance SOFC anode정인영; 이대희; 이승오, et al
2007-06Managing uncertainty and ambiguity in frontier R&D projects: A Korean case study.송용일; 이대희; 이용길, et al
2005-10New Approach on Individual Performance Evaluation System in Government-funded Research Institutes based on Person-Environment Fit theory김은경; 이대희; 한석기, et al
2013-08Novel Polymer Nanowire Crystals of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Copolymer with Excellent Charge Transport Properties김지호; 이대희; 양다슬, et al
2006-04Selective utilization of fructose to glucose by Candida magnoliae, an erythritol producer유지희; 이대희; 오용주, et al
2006-12The Comparative Analysis of R&D Patterns between Multinational Enterprises and Domestically Owned Firms in Korea and Its Implications조현대; 이대희; 김선우, et al
2009-12The Impact of Public Research on Firm's Technological Innovation in Korea: Typology of Impact Channels and Case Study조현대; 성태경; 남정호, et al
2010-06The Influence of University Research on Industrial R&D and Innovation성태경; 조현대; 이대희, et al
2011-04The Role of University Research in Industrial R&D and Innovation: The Cases of Korea성태경; 조현대; 이대희
2013-06Unraveling the oscillation reaction of Ni catalyst during partial oxidation of methane이대희; D. Kim; 김주선, et al
2008-05계량서지학(Bibliometrics)을 이용한 연구성과 분석나인욱; 강대신; 천호영, et al
2009-08-14동적 프로파일 자동 구축 방법 및 이를 이용한 맞춤형 추천 정보 제공 시스템강대신; 나인욱; 박종진, et al
2008-05전략적 R&D 수행을 위한 계량정보 분석강대신; 나인욱; 천호영, et al