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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03Die filling behavior of Mg alloy slurry in semi-solid processing이덕영; 문중화; 석현광, et al
2006-09Dynamic mechanical properties of continuously cast Al alloy in electromagnetic stirrer이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-09Effect of Crystal Orientation of Textures of Electromagnetic Stirred Aluminum Alloy이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-09Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring during Solidification on the Morphological Evolution of Primary Solid Phase of Al Alloy이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-01Effect of electromagnetic stirring on orientation distribution function of primary solid phase of Al-Cu alloy이덕영; 한준현; 강석원, et al
2005-07Effect of Fluid Flow by Electromagnetic Stirring on the Microstructure of Al Alloy이덕영; 김기배; 문중화, et al
2006-09Effect of Isothermal Holding Temperature on Globularization of Primary Solid Phase in Multiplex-Type Slurry Cup강석원; 이덕영; 김기배
2008-04Effect of Mo addition on the glass formation and properties of Ni60Nb40 metallic glass진홍석; 석송; 이덕영, et al
2006-01Effect of pouring temperature and holding time at semi-solid region on the morphology of primary solid phase in semi-solid slurry강석원; 김기배; 이덕영, et al
2006-09Effect of Preheating Temperature of Multiplex-Type Slurry Cup on the Morphology of Primary Solid Phase of Semi-Solid Slurry강석원; 이덕영; 김기배
2006-12Effects of casting speed on microstructure and segregation of electromagnetically stirred Aluminum alloy in continuous casting process이덕영; 강석원; 조덕호, et al
2002-09Effects of the electromagnectic stirring on the microstructure of thixotropic al alloys.이덕영; 김기배; 이호인, et al
2008-10Embrittlement of Pd-Coated Ni-Nb-Ti-Zr Amorphous Alloys during Hydrogen Permeation이덕영; 에릭플러리
2001-10Fabrication of Al alloy billet by horizontal continuous casting machine utilizing an electromagnetic stirrer김기배; 이덕영; 선용규, et al
1998-10Gait control for teleoperation of a quadruped walking robot이덕영; 권동수; 이형기, et al
2007-06Hydrogen Embrittlement and Surface Properties of Pd-coated Zr-based Amorphous Alloys석송; 이덕영; 김기배
2006-01Hydrogen permeation and surface characteristics of Pd-coated Ni-Nb-Ta amorphous alloy membrane김광동; 김기배; 김유찬, et al
2008-08Hydrogen permeation properties of [Ni60-Nb40]95-Pd5 amorphous metallic membrane이덕영; 김윤배
2008-02Hydrogen Permeation Properties of Ni-based Amorphous Alloys Membrane석송; 이덕영; 김윤배
2008-10Hydrogen Permeation Properties of Pd-Coated Ni-Nb-Ti-Zr Amorphous Alloys이덕영; 에릭플러리
2007-03Hydrogen permeation properties of Pd-coated Ni60Nb30Ta10 amorphous alloy membrane김기배; 김광동; 이덕영, et al
2008-04Hydrogenation of Ti50Zr25Co25 amorphous ribbons and its effect on their structural and mechanical propertiesSubramanian Jayalakshmi; 에릭플러리; 이덕영, et al
2009-04Hydrongen permeation characteristics of palladium coated V-Al alloy membranes진홍석; 이덕영; 김윤배, et al
2005-05Influence of the Electromagnetic Stirring on Globularization of Primary Solid Phase in Solid-Liquid Region이덕영; 김기배; 김도향
2005-07Mechanical Properties of Electromagnetically Stirred Al alloy이덕영; 김기배; 문중화, et al
2002-10Microstructrual characterization of the electromagnetic stirred Al alloys이덕영; 김기배; 이호인, et al
2001-05Microstructural control for thixotropic Al alloy by horizontal continuous casting process using electromagnetic stirring김기배; 이덕영; 선용규, et al
2004-03Microstructural effects of electromagnetic stirring strength and casting speed in continuous casting of Al alloy이덕영; 김기배; 이호인, et al
2007-02Microstructural evolution and crystal orientation of elelctromagnetically stirred Al alloy in the semi-solid state이덕영; 강석원; 김하영, et al
2005-05Microstructural Evolution of Electromagnetically Stirred Al Alloy during Isothermal Reheating in Solid-Liquid Region이덕영; 김기배; 김도향