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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Artificial Rod and Cone Photoreceptors with Human-Like Spectral Sensitivities우덕하; 전영민; 이석, et al
2019-03Broadband Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Technology송현철; 이연정; 이동규
2019-12Elimination of thermoelectric artifacts in the harmonic Hall measurement of spin-orbit torque민병철; 박은상; 이동규, et al
2017-10Four-Bits-Per-Cell Operation in an HfO2-Based Resistive Switching Device주현수; 차익수; 김건환, et al
2019-04Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Bilayer Flexible Membrane for High-Performance Li-S Batteries with Superior Physical and Electrochemical Properties김선준; 이동규; 김용재, et al
2015-07Highly Sensitive and Selective Sensing of Sugar Molecules Using Terahertz Nano-metamaterials서민아; 이동규; 손주혁, et al
2015-10Highly sensitive and selective sugar detection by terahertz nanoantennas이동규; 강지훈; 이준석, et al
2015-06Highly sensitive and selective terahertz sensor using nano-metamaterials for carbohydrates서민아; 이동규; 김철기, et al
2015-10Motion Influence Map for Unusual Human Activity Detection and Localization in Crowded Scene이동규; 석흥일; 박성기, et al
2017-08Nano metamaterials for ultrasensitive Terahertz biosensing우덕하; 이석; 김재헌, et al
2015-05Optical Characteristics of Pesticides Measured by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy이동규; 김기영; 손주혁
2020-03Optical spin-orbit torque in heavy metal-ferromagnet heterostructures민병철; 최경민; 오정현, et al
2017-10Origin of Shape-Dependent Fluorescence Polarization from CdSe Nanoplatelets배완기; 윤다은; 김휘동, et al
2020-12Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Design Principles for Materials and Structures: Material Figure­ of­ Merit and Self ­Resonance Tuning강종윤; 송현철; 이동규, et al
2008-06Postexperiment monoisotopic mass filtering and refinement (PE-MMR) of tandem mass spectrometric data increases accuracy of peptide identification in LC/MS/MS신병희; 정희정; 형석원, et al
2014-12Rapid discrimination of DNA strands using an opto-calorimetric microcantilever sensor이동규; 황교선; 김성환, et al
2020-12Rashba Effect in Functional Spintronic Devices구현철; 최준우; 박태언, et al
2021-12Simultaneous realization of high d33 and large strain in (K,Na,Li) (Nb,Sb) O3-(Ca,Sr)ZrO3 materials and their application in piezoelectric actuators송현철; 이동규; HeroKim, et al
2018-09Study of molecular structure change of D- and L-glucose by proton irradiation using terahertz spectroscopy서민아; 이동규; 이경민, et al
2021-01Support structure-catalyst electroactivity relation for oxygen reduction reaction on platinum supported by two-dimensional titanium carbide장종현; 박희영; 정재우, et al
2017-07Terahertz nano-metamaterials for discrimination and quantification of Avian Influenza viruses서민아; 이동규; 강지훈, et al
2017-07Terahertz nano-metamaterials for rotation-free performance전영민; 서민아; 이동규, et al
2015-07Terahertz optical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredient polymorphic forms measured using nano metamaterial이동규; 김광주; 손주혁, et al
2017-05Terahertz transmission control using polarization-independent metamaterials전영민; 김철기; 서민아, et al
2021-07Theory of spin-torque ferrimagnetic resonance구현철; 김석종; 이동규, et al
2016-05Ultrasensitive Detection of Residual Pesticides Using THz Near-Field Enhancement전영민; 김재헌; 이택진, et al
2018-11Ultrasensitive terahertz molecule sensor for observation of photoinduced conformational change in rhodopsin-nanovesicles김재헌; 서민아; 이동규, et al
2017-11Ultrasensitive terahertz sensing of gold nanoparticles inside nano slot antennas서민아; 유용상; 이상훈, et al
2019-01Vanishing skyrmion Hall effect at the angular momentum compensation temperature of a ferrimagnet김덕호; 김대연; 이경진, et al
2014-08-19레이저 빔 스캐닝 방식의 투사광학계를 이용한 3차원 영상표시장치김성규; 김재완; 윤기혁, et al