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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-07A comparison of mechanical properties of all-ceramic alumina dental crowns prepared from aqueous- and non-aqueous-based tape casting김대준; 이명현; 이득용, et al
2006-11A novel method for manufacturing of portable oxygen sensor오영제; 심인보; 이득용
1997-01A simplified phase diagra in the ternary system Y2O3-Ta(Nb)2O5-ZrO2이득용; 김대준; 장주웅, et al
2017-01Ambient Drying Silica Aerogel Coatings Modified with Polyethylene Glycol오영제; 김경호; 이득용
2000-11Aqueous-based alumina tape casting이명현; 박일석; 김대준, et al
2000-06Chromaticity, hydrothermal stability, and mechanical properties of r-ZrO₂/Al₂O₃ composites doped with yttrium, niobium, and ferric oxides이득용; 김대준; 송요승
2001-10Effect of alumina particle size on R-curve behavior of (Y,Nb)-TZP/Al₂O₃ composites이득용; 김대준; 김배연, et al
2010-03Effect of calcination temperature and atmosphere on crystal structure of BaTiO3 nanofibers이득용; 이명현; 조남인, et al
2000-04Effect of Fe₂O₃ addition on mechanical and optical properties of t-ZrO₂/Al₂O₃ composites이득용; 김대준; 이명현, et al
2000-08Effect of organic additive composition on lsostatic thermocompression behavior of alumina tapes이명현; 박일석; 김대준, et al
2014-04Effect of process conditions on crystal structure of Al PEO coating. I. Unipolar pulse and coating time김배연; 함재호; 이득용, et al
2014-04Effect of process conditions on crystal structure of Al PEO coating. II. Bipolar and electrolyte김배연; 함재호; 이득용, et al
2019-11Electrochemical properties of Ni-Mn hydroxide and carbon cryogel composite electrodes for supercapacitors오영제; 이득용
2011-09Electrospun Er3+ -TiO2 nanofibrous films as visible light induced photocatalysts이득용; 김배연; 조남인, et al
2008-08Fabrication and characteristics of limit-current type oxygen sensor with monolith aperture structure오영제; 이득용
2001-11Fabrication of water-based ceramic tapes using PVP as binder박일석; 조유정; 이명현, et al
2001-01Flaw tolerance of (Y,Nb)-TZP/Al₂O₃ composites이득용; 김대준; 이명현, et al
2008-04Gas Sensing Properties of Polyacrylonitrile/metal Oxide Nanocomposite Membrane Prepared by Electrospinning이득용; 조정은; 이명현, et al
2008-08Gas sensing properties of polyacrylonitrile/metal oxide nanofiber mat prepared by electrospinning이득용; 조정은; 김예나, et al
2006-01Gas sensing properties of ZnO thin films prepared by microcontact printing임혜진; 이득용; 오영제
2001-09Glass-alumina composites prepared by melt-infiltration: I. Effect of alumina particle size이득용; 장주웅; 김대준, et al
2002-02Glass-alumina composites prepared by melt-infiltration: Ⅱ. Kinetic studies이득용; 장주웅; 이명현, et al
1997-01High-temperature degradation of hot-pressed t-ZrO2 co-doped with Y2O3 and Nb2O5이득용; 김대준; 조경식
2002-07High-temperature properties of plasma-sprayed coatings of YSZ/NiCrAlY on inconel substrate송요승; 이인주; 이득용, et al
1999-12Hydrothermal stability of (Y,Nb)-TZP/Al2O3 composites이득용; 김대준; 이승재
2002-02Hydrothermal stability of zirconia ceramics이득용; George A. Gogotsi; 김대준, et al
2002-10Influence of alumina particle size on fracture toughness of (Y,Nb)-TZP/Al₂O₃ composites이득용; 김대준; 김배연
2002-09Influence of alumina slurry composition on mechanical properties of green tapes이명현; 박일석; 김대준, et al
2016-11Influence of Annealing Temperature on the Dielectric Properties of BaSrTiO3 Thin Films Deposited on Various Substrate오영제; 이칠형; 이득용
1997-01Influence of applied electric field on low temperature degradation of Y-TZP장주웅; 이홍림; 김대준, et al