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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-01Brake fluids and silicones.정일남; 이명의
2011-04Dehydrochlorinative Si-C Coupling Reaction of Alkenyl Chloride with Trichlorosilane이동원; 한준수; 유복렬, et al
2006-01Double Silylation of Olefin with HSiCl3 in the Presence of Bu4PCl. New Synthetic Method for α,β-Bis(trichlorosilyl)alkanes강승현; 한준수; 임원철, et al
2002-09Friedel-crafts type alkylation of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroanthracene with vinylchlorosilanes: Synthesis of mono, bis[2-(chlorosilyl)ethyl]-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroanthracenes공성덕; 이창엽; 유복렬, et al
2003-06Phosphonium chloride induced dichlorosilylene transfer from trichlorosilane.강승현; 한준수; 이명의, et al
2003-02Phosphonium chloride-catalyzed dehydrochlorinative coupling reactions of alkyl halides with hydridochlorosilanes.강승현; 한준수; 유복렬, et al
1991-01Photochemical generation of a novel eight-membered-ring silene.정일남; 유복렬; 이명의, et al
1991-01Photochemical reactions of [5,6:7,8]dibenzo-2-silabicyclo[2.2.2]octanes.정일남; 이명의; 유복렬
1992-01Photochemical ring-opening and expansion reaction of 2,4-dineopentyl-1,1,3-triphenyl-3-vinyl-1,3-disilacyclobutane.정일남; 유복렬; 이명의
2011-11Redistribution reaction of trichlorosilane이동원; 이명의; 한준수, et al
2012-11Redistribution Reaction of Trichlorosilane to Dichlorosilane이동원; 한준수; 유복렬, et al
2012-10Redistricution Reaction of Trichlorosilane to Dichlorosilane이동원; 한준수; 이명의, et al
1986-01Silicon chemistry and fine ceramics.정일남; 이명의
2009-03Slurry Phase Reaction of Elemental Silicon with Methanol in the Presence of Copper. Direct Synthesis of Trimethoxysilane한준수; 조주현; 이명의, et al
1991-01Stereochemical induction in the generation of 1-chloro-1-phenyl-2-neopentylsilene.정일남; 유복렬; 이명의, et al
2001-11Synthesis and characterization of stable (triphenylmethyl)silanetriol유복렬; 김정현; 이명의, et al
2005-09Synthesis and structures of bis(alkyldihydroxysilyl)methanes김정현; 강승현; 한준수, et al