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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-0999mTc labeling and biodistribution of PRODD as a cerebral blood flow imaging radiopharmaceutical.정수욱; 정재민; 이동수, et al
2000-08Effect of carrier on labeling and biodistribution of Re-188-hydroxyethylidene diphosphonate장영수; 정재민; 김보광, et al
2004-09Effects of a Chitosan Scaffold Containing TGF-β1 Encapsulated Chitosan Microspheres on In Vitro Chondrocyte Culture이종은; 김성은; 권익찬, et al
2004-08Effects of the controlled-released TGF-β1 from chitosan microspheres on chondrocytes cultured in a collagen/chitosan/glycosaminoglycan scaffold이종은; 김고은; 권익찬, et al
1999-01High accumulation of Re-188-N2S2/lipiodol in hepatic cancer after intra-arterial administration정재민; 김영주; 이영수, et al
2003-04Hypertrophy of the patellar tendon induced by local injection of TGF-β1 in mature rats남우동; 유정준; 송원석, et al
1996-09Kit preparation and biodistribution of Bz-MAG₃ (benzoylmercaptoacetylglycylglycylglycine) for renal imaging.김영주; 정재민; 조정혁, et al
2005-04Rigid Stepped Plate (RSP) for the internal fixation of the high tibial osteotomy유재호; 이명철; 성상철, et al
1994-01Synthesis and **9**9**mTc labeling of ethylcystein dimer and its brain SPECT image.정재민; 이명철; 정수욱, et al
1999-12Synthesis and biodistribution of flumazenil derivative [F-18](3-(2-fluoro)flumazenil for imaging benzodiazepine receptor홍성현; 정재민; 장영수, et al
1993-02Synthesis characterization and biodistribution of **9**9**mTc-ethyl-3-isocyanobutyrate as a new myocardial perfusion agent.이명철; 조정혁; 이동수, et al
1999-01Synthesis of no-carrier-added [18F]fluoroflumazenil정재민; 홍성현; 이동수, et al
1999-01Synthesis of tetraalkylcyclam derivatives for 99mTc labeling and biodistribution study정재민; 홍성현; 김영주, et al
1995-01Tc-99m labeling of dione bisoxime compounds.정재민; 조정혁; 오승준, et al
1999-10Transplantation of cultured allogenic chondrocyte-collagen gel composite into the articular cartilage defect of rats성인호; 성상철; 이명철, et al
1998-10Transplantation of transforming growth factor- β 1 treated chondrocytes embedded collagen gels for cartilage repair성인호; 김태균; 김병수, et al
1998-09-17메틸렌디포스폰산의제조방법오창현; 이기수; 이동수, et al
1998-09-17펜타데칸산 유도체 및 그의 제조방법오창현; 이기수; 이동수, et al
1999-01-18N₂S₂ 리간드가 결합된 아릴피페라진 유도체 및 이의 제조방법오창현; 유현진; 이기수, et al
1999-01-18N₂S₂리간드가 결합된 라클로프라이드 유도체 및 이의 제조방변종수; 오창현; 이기수, et al
1999-01-18N₂S₂리간드가 결합된 테트라벤아진 유도체 및 그의 제조방법오창현; 이기수; 이동수, et al
1999-01-18N₂S₂리간드가 포함된 플루마제닐 유도체 및 그의 제조방법오창현; 이기수; 이동수, et al