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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03Cell-Permeable and Biocompatible Polymeric Nanoparticles for Apoptosis Imaging김광명; 이민수; 박형규, et al
2015-10Characterization of polarization-independent phase modulation method for practical plug and play quantum cryptography권오성; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2016-07Countermeasure against Quantum Hacking on QKD with Background Noise Cancellation Detectors문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2013-08Development of integrated quantum key distribution system over 25 km이민수; 우민기; 박병권, et al
2014-02Development of low-cost and high speed coincidence count unit using FPGA박병권; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2013-07Development of Plug & Play Quantum Key Distribution System우민기; 이민수; 박병권, et al
2013-07Development of Single Photon Detector for QKD System이민수; 우민기; 박병권, et al
2013-06Dynamics and Mechanism of Flame Retardants in Polymer Matrixes: Experiment and Simulation윤동환; 정현태; 권계민, et al
2009-06Experimental Study on Liquid Desiccant Distribution Characteristics at a Dehumidifier with Extended Surface이민수; 장영수; 이대영
2012-09Extremely-weak avalanche discrimination for gated avalanche photodiodeAbdessattar Bouzid; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2013-07Implementation of QKD Control System using FPGA박병권; 이민수; 우민기, et al
2005-06In vivo Tumor Targeting and Nuclear Imaging with Self-assembled Nanoparticles: mechanisms and key factors involved and their implications조용우; 박수안; 안철희, et al
2016-05InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode for Single Photon Detection with Zinc Diffusion Process Using Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition문성욱; 한상욱; 이민수, et al
2013-02Low Noise Single Photon Detection System with InGaAs/InP APD Integrated TEC Device and Analog Integrator Readout Scheme이민수; 한상욱; 문성욱
2014-11Low noise single photon detector using dual path method이민수; 한상욱; 문성욱
2015-02P&P QKD system using single photon detectors with dual path method문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2017-04Quantum hacking on free-space QKD system문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al
2006-01Self-assembled nanoparticles based on glycol chitosan bearing hydrophobic moieties as carriers for doxorubicin: In vivo biodistribution and anti-tumor activity박재형; 권승리; 이민수, et al
2013-05Single-Photon Detector at Telecommunication Wavelengths Using an Analog Integrator for Ultra Small Avalanche Discrimination보우지드; 한상욱; 이민수, et al
2006-02Size control of self-assembled nanoparticles by an emulsion/solvent evaporation method이민수; 조용우; 박재형, et al
2014-02Temperature characteristics of dark and afterpulse noise in single photon detector using InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode이민수; 박병권; 우민기, et al
2013-10The stability of Plug and Play quantum cryptography system Using a double-phase modulation method권오성; 우민기; 이민수, et al
2014-02The stability of plug and play quantum cryptography system with double phase modulation method권오성; 우민기; 이민수, et al
2014-10-24단일 광자 검출 장치 및 단일 광자 검출 방법김용수; 문성욱; 이민수, et al
2014-04단일광자 생성, 검출 및 양자암호 통신 응용김용수; 최유준; 이민수, et al
2015-08양자암호시스템을 위한 단일광자검출기이민수; 김용수; 한상욱, et al
2015-01저 잡음 단일광자 검출기를 이용한 P&P QKD 시스템문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수, et al