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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11Alkyl Polyfluoroalkyl Imidazolium Ionic liquids: Synthesis and Characterization이현주; 이방숙; 이상득, et al
2010-12Alkyl-fluoroalkylimidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids as Efficient CO2 Absorbents이현주; 조민호; 이방숙, et al
2005-05Anion exchange-promoted Ru3+/2+ redox switch in self-assembled monolayers of imidazolium ions on a gold electrode지영식; 황성필; 이방숙, et al
2010-03Characterization of hydrophobic pyrrolidium based ionic liquid and application to lithium air battery이방숙; Debby Natalia; 조원일, et al
2006-03Covalent modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with Imidazoilium-based ionic liquids : Effect of anions on solubility박민정; 이재균; 이방숙, et al
2009-10Facile One-Pot Synthesis of 1-Alkyl-3-polyfluoroalkyl Imidazolium Ionic Liquids이방숙; 권오준; 김훈식, et al
2004-02Imidazolium Ion-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au: Effects of Counteranions on Surface Wettability이방숙; 지영식; 이재균, et al
2005-06Monolayer protected Au cluster (MPC)-bound Ru-carbene complex: synthesis and its catalytic activity in ring-closing olefin metathesis이방숙; 남궁선경; 이상기
2006-02pH-dependent rectification in self-assembled monolayers based on electrostatic interactions황성필; 지영식; 이방숙, et al
2009-10Ru-catalyzed hydrogenation of aromatic diamines권오준; 이방숙; 김훈식, et al
2004-10Synthesis of Thiol-Functionalized Ionic Liquids and Formation of Self-Assembled Monolayer on Gold Surfaces: Effects of Alkyl Group and Anion on the Surface Wettability이방숙; 이상기
2010-05개환 중합된 Tetracyclododecene유도체의 수소화 방법권오준; 이방숙; 김훈식, et al
2010-02-05셀룰로오즈 포스파이트 화합물의 제조방법김훈식; 민병권; 서영웅, et al
2003-09-19신규한 이온성 액체 및 그의 제조방법이방숙; 이상기; 이재균