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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Airborne silver nanoparticles from an atomizer as an antimicrobial agent against E. coli bioaerosols이병욱; 윤기영; 배귀남, et al
2009-09Antibacterial assessment of air filter media using aerosolized bioaerosols배귀남; 윤선화; 김선화, et al
2007-06Antifungal Characteristics of Metallic Nanoparticles against Indoor Fungi윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱, et al
2007-09Antifungal characteristics of nanoparticles against indoor bioaerosols윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱
2011-12Antimicrobial air filtration using airborne Sophora flavescens natural-product nanoparticles정재희; 황기병; 박선영, et al
2008-08Antimicrobial characteristics of silver nanoparticles against indoor fungal bioaerosols윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱, et al
2006-09Antimicrobial effect of airborne silver nanoparticles generated by the atomizer against B. subtilis bioaerosols윤기영; 변정훈; 박재홍, et al
2006-04Antimicrobial effect of airborne silver nanoparticles generated from a tube furnace윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱, et al
2008-09Antimicrobial Performance Test of Air Filters using a Bioaerosol Generating System김선화; 윤선화; 이승복, et al
2010-07Application of UVAPS to real-time detection of inactivation of fungal bioaerosols due to thermal energy이병욱; 정재희; 윤선화, et al
2007-08Artificial generation of fungal spore bioaerosols이병욱; 김영중; 윤선화, et al
2012-04Bacterial bioaerosol concentrations in public restroom environments이병욱; 홍인기; 이대희, et al
2009-09Characterization of bioaerosol generation using a UV-APS윤선화; 이승재; 김선화, et al
2005-07Combustion Aerosol Standard (CAST) system for studying automotive exhaust particles이병욱; 배귀남; 변두섭, et al
2006-09Design and development of small-sized nanoparticle generator as an antimicrobial device지준호; 노형수; 정재희, et al
2008-04Development of a Fungal Spore Aerosol Generator: Test with Cladosporium cladosporioides and Penicillium citrinum이병욱; 김영중; 이창호, et al
2012-09Distinguishing Biotic and Abiotic Particles Using an Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer for Real-Time Detection of Bacterial Bioaerosols정재희; 박선영; 이정은, et al
2005-07Effect of electric ion emission on the performance of respiratory protection devices이병욱; 그린스펀
2010-11Effect of hybrid UV-thermal energy stimuli on inactivation of S. epidermidis and B. subtilis bacterial bioaerosols황기병; 정재희; 정태건, et al
2010-04Effect of relative humidity and variation of particle number size distribution on the inactivation effectiveness of airborne silver nanoparticles against bacteria bioaerosols deposited on a filter이병욱; 윤선화; 정재희, et al
2013-04Effect of Treatment with a Natural Extract of Mukdenia Rossii (Oliv) Koidz and Unipolar Ion Emission on the Antibacterial Performance of Air Filters이대희; 정재희; 이병욱
2016-10Effects of antimicrobial air filters on the viability and culturability of airborne bacteria배귀남; 정재희; 황기병, et al
2011-10Electrohydrodynamic nano-spraying of ethanolic natural plant extracts정재희; 박선영; 이정은, et al
2010-01Electrospray-Assisted Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer Spectrometer for Real-time Characterization of Bacterial Particles정재희; 이정은; 황기병, et al
2009-08Evaluation of Antifungal Activities of Nanoparticles against Cladosporium cladosporioides Spore Bioaerosols윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱, et al
2005-06Filtering Efficiency of N95- and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators, Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments이병욱; 예르마코프; 그린스펀
2010-03Generation characteristics of fungal spore and fragment bioaerosols by airflow control over fungal cultures이준현; 황기병; 정재희, et al
2008-01Inactivation of S. epidermidis, B. subtilis, and E. coli Bacteria Bioaerosols Deposited on a Filter Utilizing Airborne Silver Nanoparticles이병욱; 윤선화; 지준호, et al
2016-03Measurement of aerosol nanoparticles from a combustion particle generator by using three types of dilutors이병욱; 배귀남
2006-09Passing airborne silver nanoparticles generated from the electrical furnace through the filter system as an antimicrobial method against S. epidermidis bioaerosols이병욱; 배귀남; 윤선화, et al