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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09Behaviors of Drug Release from Dual Drug-Eluting Stents Coated With Biodegradable Polymers김동민; 이봉수; 최지연, et al
2010-11Beneficial Effect of Sulfonated PEO-grafted Polyurethanes on Calcification and Lipid Adsorption of Vascular Implants최지연; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-04Biomolecule-mediated selective adhesion of endothelial cells on polymer surface for cardiovascular stents이양기; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-03Cell adhesive RGD-grafted Pluronic F127 for 3D culture and chondrogenic differentiation of stem cell이혜선; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2011-02Characteristics of PLLA Films Blended with PEG Block Copolymers as Additives for Bioderadable Polymer Stents김진향; 노혜란; 강종희, et al
2010-03Controlled release in paclitaxel-load films fabricated by solvent casting and electrospraying김진향; 이봉수; 금창헌, et al
2010-03Controlled Release of Paclitaxel from Biodegradable Polymer Films for Drug-Eluting Stents김시은; 이봉수; 김진향, et al
2001-10Density functional theory studies on the reaction mechanisms of silver ions with ethylene in facilitated transport membranes: a modeling study김창곤; 김찬경; 이봉수, et al
2016-05Differences in cognitive ability and hippocampal volume between Alzheimer’s disease, amnestic mild cognitive impairment, and healthy control groups, and their correlation문경률; 최미현; 김형식, et al
2009-11Dual drug-release behaviors in stents coated with biodegradable polymer using electrospray김동민; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-11Effect of PEG-based additives on drug release control from sirolimus-loaded biodegradable polymers김진향; 이봉수; 최지연, et al
2010-11Effective 3D cell growth and proliferation in RGD-grafted Pluronic F127 based hydrogel이혜선; 박귀덕; 이봉수, et al
2010-10Effective chondrogenic differentiation of stem cell in RGD-grafted Pluronic F127 hydrogel이혜선; 이봉수; 최보규, et al
2010-04Electrospray coating and controlld release of paclitaxel-loaded biodegradable polymers on stent metal surface김진향; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2009-11Electrospray coating of biodegradable polymers for biomedical metal stents조성배; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-09Fabrication and Controlled Drug Release of Sirolimus-Loaded PLGA Coating Stents by Ultrasonic Spraying장부남; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2011-05Fabrication and Controlled Release of Electrosprayed ReoPro-loaded Metal Surface for Vascular Stent김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2010-11Fabrication of a nanocoupled substrate and its effect on polymer stability for stent application조성배; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-11Fabrication of ALA/ReoPro-eluting stent coating and their release behavior김동민; 이봉수; 강종희, et al
2010-11Fabrication of biodegrable polymer-magnesium nanocomposite and its effect on inflammation suppression금창헌; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-03Fabrication of biodegradable polymeric scaffolds with helical structure and their mechanical property박가람; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2009-11Fabrication of PLLA film blended with PEG-based copolymer for entirely biodegradable self-expanding stent김진향; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-10Fully Biodegradable Polymeric Drug-Eluting Stent for Coronary Artery한동근; 박귀덕; 이봉수, et al
2010-09Functional Nanocomposite Matrix Prepared using PLLA and Lactide-Grafted Magnesium Hydroxide for Biomedical Applications금창헌; 이봉수; 최지연, et al
2009-10High mechanical PLLA blend with PEG-based di-/tri-block copolymer for entirely biodegradable stent김진향; 박귀덕; 박철호, et al
2011-11Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion of Biodegradable Polymers Coated on Metal Surface by Nanocoupling최지연; 조성배; 이봉수, et al
2010-09Improvement of Polymer Coating Adhension on Metal Stents by Surface-Initiated Ring Opening Polymerization of L-Lactide조성배; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-03Metal Surface Coating using Electrospray of Biodegradable Polymers and α-Lipoic Acid Release Behavior for Drug-Eluting Stents김동민; 이봉수; 박철호, et al
2010-04Nanocoupling by surface-initiated ring opening polymerization of L-Lactide onto metal for improved stable adhesion of stents조성배; 이봉수; 박귀덕, et al
2010-10Optimization of polymer coating process using ultrasonic spray and drug release kinetics from sirolimus-eluting stent장부남; 이봉수; 강종희, et al