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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-113-Dimensionally Disordered Mesoporous Silica (DMS)-Containing Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 & Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Separations박성환; 방준하; 최정규, et al
2019-034차 암모늄 양친매성 공중합체를 혼합한 PVDF/GO분리막의 PVA 코팅이상협; 최재우; 김재현, et al
2013-04A laboratory column study on the biodegradation of toluene and methyl tert-butyl ether: The effect of substrate interactions정승건; 김동주; 이상협, et al
2016-04A next generation technology for renewable energy production from wastewater treatment by porous ceramic membranes이상협; 박찬혁; 정영미
2008-06A Pilot Study on Air Flotation Processes for Retrofitting of Conventional Wastewater Treatment Facilities박찬혁; 홍석원; 이상협, et al
2010-06A Strategy for improving the sewage systems for two rural areas in Gyeonggi province문철환; 안지훈; 장미정, et al
2005-02A Study on Effect of Jet Mixed Separator Combination for Pre-treatment of Ultrafiltration Membrane Filtration Process이상협; 장낙용; 渡邊義公
2004-11A Study on improvement of BTEX(Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene) degrading activity by denitrifying Bacteria정경미; 이한웅; 이상협, et al
2005-04A study on improvement of contaminated stream water quality by a constructed wetland김승준; 최용수; 권기한, et al
2005-07A Study on Isolation of BTEX Degrading Microorganism and Variation of BTEX Removal Efficiency and Microorganism growth Rate According to Co-Culture정경미; 이상협; 이한웅, et al
2005-08A Study on Membrane Fouling by Flux and Linear Velocity in Coagulation/Ultrafiltration Membrane System문성용; 이상협; 김승현, et al
2009-10A study on reduction of excess sludge in activated sludge system from a petrochemical plant using electro fenton process정종민; 김경일; 심나탈리, et al
2006-02A Study on the Determination of Backwash Condition and Fouling in Coagulation/Ultrafiltration Membrane System문성용; 이상협; 이병천, et al
2010-12A study on the main issues and counterplans of water resoruces in Kyeonggi-DO : Ch3 phosporous managemrne이기영; 송미영; 백경오, et al
2017-03Abundant iron and sulfur oxidizers in the stratified sediment of a eutrophic freshwater reservoir with annual cyanobacterial blooms이상협; Long Jin; Chang Soo Lee, et al
2012-08Acute toxicity of Ag and CuO nanoparticle suspensions against Daphnia magna: The importance of their dissolved fraction varying with preparation methods조훈제; 최재우; 이상협, et al
2005-11Adsorption characteristics of phosphate in wastewater by layered double hydroxides신승규; 송지현; 이상협, et al
2014-07Adsorption of ammonium nitrogen and phosphate onto basanite and evaluation of toxicity최재우; 류재천; 권규상, et al
2014-05Adsorption of bacteriophage MS2 to magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutions박정안; 김성배; 이창구, et al
2017-06Adsorption of microcystin-LR on mesoporous carbons and its potential use in drinking water source이상협; 최재우; 정성목, et al
2012-06Adsorption of phosphate by amino-functionalized and co-condensed SBA-15최재우; 이승연; 이상협, et al
2017-11Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution using electrochemically modified biochar calcium-alginate beads: Batch and fixed-bed column performance안규홍; 이상협; 최재우, et al
2017-11Adsorptive removal of anionic azo dye from aqueous solution using activated carbon derived from extracted coffee residues안규홍; 이상협; 최재우, et al
2014-02Advanced wastewater treatment using MBRs: Nutrient removal and disinfectionSo-Ryong Chae; Yongtae Ahn; Yuhoon Hwang, et al
2010-02Aging Study on the Structure of Fe0-Nanoparticles: Stabilization, Characterization, and ReactivityQiliang Wang; 이상협; 최희철
2018-03Aluminum carboxylate-based metal organic frameworks for effective adsorption of anionic azo dyes from aqueous media이상협; 최재우; 안규홍, et al
2015Ammonium-functionalized mesoporous silica MCM-41 for phosphate removal from aqueous solutions강진규; 김재현; 김성배, et al
2011-04Amphiphilic block copolymer for adsorption of organic contaminants최재우; 백경열; 조계룡, et al
2010-05Amphiphilic photosensor에 의한 벤젠의 광분해 반응서명순; 조계룡; 백경열, et al
2008-10An assessment on feasibility of flotation as a secondary clarifier of an activated sludge process정종민; 김윤중; 조강우, et al