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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05A study on the sample preparation methods for analysis of VOCs in drinking water표희수; 김승기; 이선화, et al
1998-10Altered profile of endogeneous steroids in the urine of patients with prolactinoma이선화; 남수연; 정봉철
2003-11Altered urinary profiles of polyamines and endogenous steroids in patients with benign cervical disease and cervical cancer이선화; 양윤정; 김경미, et al
2014-06Analysis of VOCs in nonfat food by HS-GC-MS이선화; 표희수; 최종호
1999-07Androgen imbalance in premenopausal women with benign breast disease and breast cancer이선화; 김순옥; 권성원, et al
1995-01Comparative free and acetylated polyamine profiles in the urine of normal subject and various cancer patients.서자원; 이선화; 박영한, et al
1999-08Comparison of fatty acid profiles in the serum of patients with prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia양윤정; 이선화; 홍성준, et al
2012-08Correlation of methylmercury with total mercury in fishes from Korean retails박현미; 오민석; 정민지, et al
2018-12Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel aminopyrimidinylisoindolines as AXL kinase inhibitors유경호; 오창현; 이소하, et al
2015-11Determination of benzene in fat-containing food by HS-GC-MS이선화; 우보미; 최종호, et al
2016-05Determination of benzene in fishery products by HS-GC-MS표희수; 김승기; 이선화, et al
2012-10Determination of Methylmercury in Common Dolphin living in the Southern East Sea of Korea오민석; 정민지; 이선화, et al
2014-05Determination of THMs and benzene in food by HS-GC-MS이선화; 최종호; 표희수
1998-01Estrogens and polyamines in breast cancer : Their profiles and values in disease staging이선화; 김순옥; 이희대, et al
2003-01Estrogens in female thyroid cancer: alteration of urinary profiles in pre- and post-operative cases.이선화; 김경미; 정병화, et al
1997-01Evaluation of endogeneous steroids profile after administration of anabolic steroids이선화; 최만호; 김태욱, et al
2006-02Fundamental Studies for the Removal and Recovery of Silver from Waste Photo-Developing Solution by Solvent Extraction이선화; 김동수; 이화영
1998-01Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric determination of urinary oxoacids using 0-(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorobenzyl)oxime-trimethylsilyl ester derivatization and cation-exchange chromatography이선화; 김순옥; 정봉철
1997-12GC/MS determination of organic acids with solvent extraction after cation-exchange chromatography서자원; 이선화; 정봉철
1993-01Indentification of some metabolites of carbinoxamine in rat urine.정병화; 이선화; 김태욱, et al
2012-08Method Validation of Phthalates and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Edible Oil using Isotope Dilution Gas Chromatography-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry박현미; 이선화; 정민지, et al
2011-11Monitoring of Bisphenol A in Foods by LC/MS/MS정민지; 이선화; 이기수, et al
2020-09Mussel inspired highly aligned Ti3C2Tx MXene film with synergistic enhancement of mechanical strength and ambient stability구종민; 김혜림; 이강산, et al
2012-08Optimization of simultaneous analysis method for bisphenol A and phthalate metabolites in human breast milk and milk products정민지; 오민석; 이선화, et al
2002-09Polarized Raman scattering of epitaxial Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films in the tetragonal-phase field이선화; 장현명; 성현후, et al
1998-01Polyamine profiles in the urine of patients with leukemia이선화; 서자원; 정봉철, et al
1999-01Profiling of urinary environmental estrogens by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry양윤정; 이선화; 정봉철
2018-01Redox Mediators for Li-O2 Batteries: Status and Perspectives정훈기; 박진범; 이선화, et al
2011-11Regional variation of MeHg ratio to total Hg in fishes from Korean cities박현미; 정민지; 이선화, et al
2008-09Self-organized grafting of carbon nanotubes by end-functionalized polymers이선화; 박지선; 구종민, et al