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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-113-D Reconstruction Using a Touch Sensor for Mouse Stereotactic Surgery in Unstructured Environment김신정; 김기훈; 이성온, et al
2003-10A Robust General Voronoi Graph based SLAM for a Hyper Symmetric Environment도낙주; 정완균; 이성온, et al
2000-10A stable target-tracking control for unicycle mobile robots이성온; 조영조; 황보명, et al
2014-03Advanced Motion Compensation Methods for Intravital Optical MicroscopyClaudio Vinegoni; 이성온; Paolo Fumene Feruglio, et al
2008-11An Office Service Robot Butler II: Service-Oriented Approach이성온; 오상록; 유범재, et al
2014-03Automated motion artifact removal for intravital microscopy, without a priori information이성온; Claudio Vinegoni; Matthew Sebas, et al
2010-11Bezier curve based path planning for a car-like robot김남훈; 윤정연; 이승규, et al
2004-10Butler: A Visitor Guide Robot이성온; 도낙주; Dong T. Nguyen, et al
2014-06Creation of Various Skin Sensations Using Pulsed Focused Ultrasound: Evidence for Functional Neuromodulation이원혜; 김형민; 이성온, et al
2003-10Development of a Home Service Robot 'ISSAC'유범재; 황보명; 이성온, et al
2001-01Development of a humanoid robot system : design and initial experiment황보명; 이성온; 오용환, et al
2009-10Development of a Remote-Controlled Mobile Robot for Foreign Language Education이성온; 김도익; 차영수, et al
2000-01Development of an autonomous mobile robot with an active stereo head-eye system유범재; 조영조; 황보명, et al
2008-10Hybrid Image Stabilization for In Vivo Microscopic Imaging이성온; Yoshihiko Nakamura; Takeshi Ozaki
2007-07Image stabilization for fluorescent microscopy of live cells of small animals이성온; Y. Nakamura; Katsu Yamane, et al
2008-02Image Stabilization for In Vivo Microscopy by High-Speed Visual Feedback Control이성온; Yoshihiko Nakamura; Katsu Yamane, et al
2012-09Improved intravital microscopy via synchronization of respiration and holder stabilization이성온; Claudio Vinegoni; Paolo Fumene Feruglio, et al
2008-09In Vivo Microscope Image Stabilization through 3-D Motion Compensation using a Contact-type Sensor이성온; Takeshi Ozaki; Yoshihiko Nakamura
2007-09In vivo Motion Estimation for Image Stabilization in Optical Imaging through a Contact-type Sensor Device이성온; Takeshi Ozaki; Katsu Yamane, et al
2010-10Local Path Planning Scheme for Car-like Vehicle’s Shortest Turning Motion Using Geometric Analysis이승규; 이성온; 남창주, et al
2013-09Minimal Grasper: A Practical Robotic Grasper with Robust Performance for Pick-and-Place TasksJingFu Jin; Shang Li Yuen; Young Hoon Lee, et al
2012-12Motion compensation using a suctioning stabilizer for intravital microscopyClaudio Vinegoni; 이성온; Rostic Gorbatov, et al
2012-09Real-time in vivo imaging of the beating mouse heart at microscopic resolution이성온; Claudio Vinegoni; Paolo Fumene Feruglio, et al
2007-09Restoration of distorted images from confocal laser scanning microscopes by a subject's motion이성온; Yoshihiko NAKAMURA
2009-12Robust Laser Scan Matching in Dynamic Environments김희영; 이성온; 유범재
2013-10Sequential average segmented microscopy for high signal-to-noise ratio motion-artifact-free in vivo heart imagingClaudio Vinegoni; 이성온; Paolo F. Feruglio, et al
2009-10Ubiquitous Robotics Application for Improving Quality of Life가에따노; 이성온; 오상록, et al
2001-05Vision based mobile robot control for target tracking이성온; 황보명; 유범재, et al
2007-09Visual stabilization and molecular Imaging based on the 3 Dimension Motion DetectTakeshi Ozaki; 이성온; Yoshihiko Nakmura
2005-10VIsual stabilization for in vivo molecular imagingY. Nakamura; K. Yamane; 이성온, et al